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Globally, the shortage of Software Development talent has never been so prevalent, with the US and EU estimating a shortage of 1M+ jobs each remaining unfulfilled in 2020. Congruent to this struggle, the worldwide demand for Web and Mobile applications continues to grow globally by c. 40-50% year on year.

This persistent struggle, coupled with continued demand from our long-term customers has triggered Castille to invest heavily in globalising its professional talent network footprint and strengthening its internal technical assessment and certification processes, to ensure robust and dependable pipelines of
Top 20% Software and Data Engineers, irrespective of the source location.

Castille Labs is the Managed Software Talent arm of Castille, building customised near-shore Castille certified teams for our clients on a long-term assignment basis. Our clients partner with us for quality talent and dependable business continuity teams to complement their internal core development teams.

If you are looking for a long-term Software Talent Partner to complement your teams, please visit our Client Area below.

On the other hand, if you’d like to join our Augmented Software Talent platform providing you with assignments in various sectors and across jurisdictions to enrich your career journey, please visit our Candidate Area below.


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