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Remote Working is Evolving through the Digital Age

Castille is continuously investing heavily in globalising its professional talent network footprint
and strengthening its internal technical assessment and certification processes, to ensure
robust and dependable pipelines of Top 20% Software & Data Engineers, irrespective of the source location.

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Our Capabilities

Talent Acquisition, Assessment & Deployment Processes

How We Work

Castille Labs operates a robust global network of specialists, rigorously selected for their unique skills and experience
which can be sourced on demand. The Castille Labs Software Development teams will be
fully dedicated to, and ultimately managed by the client.

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Our International Presence

What Our Clients have to say

In 2015, GO decided to partner-up long-term with Castille Labs to engage remote software engineering teams
working on CET time zones. Through this partnership, GO acquired robust Castille Labs-certified talent working
alongside GO Tech Teams throughout the execution of our transformation strategy.

Moreover, the underpinning international professional network operated by Castille and the proactive talent pipelining
provided monthly to GO have resulted in unparalleled business continuity and dependability.

Kelvin Camenzuli
Digital Chief Officer at GO​​

​​We have been using Castille Labs' remote software engineering teams working on CET time zones for the past 2 years.
Their team was able to expedite onboarding on our systems and have supported the development of key features
for us that we did not have the bandwidth to support.

Their capability and expertise have facilitated the integration with the MGA’s IT Software Development team.

Moreover, their Castille Labs certified global talent platform ensures we also have dependable access to
top software engineering talent to accompany us throughout our innovative and transformational journey at MGA.

Jason Farrugia
Chief Technology Officer at Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

Telecoms Sector


If you are looking for a long-term Software Talent Partner to complement your teams,
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Candidates get the following benefits when being part of Castille Labs.​​

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If you’d like to join our Augmented Software Talent Platform providing you with assignments in various sectors
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