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Telecom Engineer (Alcatel Voice)

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    Attractive Package

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    Deborah Melinda Arlanda

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    about 1 year ago

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    Deborah Melinda Arlanda

Unfortunately this job has now expired. However you can view all of our Live jobs here.

Castille is recruiting Telecom Engineers for its client, a Global Tech Company, to work in their Alcatel Voice Team. 

Key Responsibilities:

- Troubleshoot all Level 1/2/3 cases from the customers

- Focus on customer satisfaction.

- Document all communication with customer in the CRM

- Manage backlog efficiently

- Notify/Discuss/Escalate with Senior L2/ATAC/TL/Manager on SR's that require assistance

- Plan and constantly work on upgrading technology and product expertise.

- Contribute to the knowledge base.

- Suggest improvements / be proactive

- Understand the SLA’s and work/align style of working towards meeting them

- Be aware of KRAs and make sure KRAs are met.

- Analog and Digital Telephony:

  • Theoretical knowledge on the subject Practical exposure on Analog PSTN lines & connectivity, Configure & Troubleshoot.
  • Knowledge on PCM/TDM: Configure and troubleshoot
  • Indepth configuration and troubleshooting knowledge on PBX , Voice mail, Call Accounting,Hotel features,DECT,Hospitality,Fax,Mobility etc

- Voice Networking(QSIG/DPNSS):

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject of Voice Networking using QSIG/DPNSS, Synchronization management on network Type of QSIG links & the Features & applications supported over QSIG/DPNSS


  • Packet Switching, Type of VOIP protocols, H323, SIP, RTP OSI Model, MAC Addressing, Subnetting, TCP, DNS, Ping/Traceroute, DHCP, telnet, Routing, Multicast, Switching - VLAN trunking, 802.1Q, ARP Knowledge on solution implementation, usage & connectivity of H323 & SIP, Supported endpoints, Sniffer tools, VOIP Trunking, RFC DHCP - DORA & DHCP Relay concept, UDP, IPV4, IPV6, VLAN Tagging H323 - Protocol suite, components, codecs, GW, GK, CAC SIP - UAC, UAS, Proxy, Registrar, Location server, GW, Use of application layer gw, codecs DHCP - Concepts on different methodes & implementation Basic of COS (802.1p) - L2 COS, Basics of Radius/802.1x

- PBX:

  • Use of PBX, Type of PBX (Analog, KTS, Digital, IP), Component of PBX (LIC, TIC, CPU), Types of terminals / trunks. Voicemail: Types of VM (Internal, External). Hotel/Hospital: PBX components of Hotel/Hospital (PMS, Accounting, Check in, Checkout), Room Management, Guest Management. Call Accounting: Types of accounting (V24/Ethernet), Real-time, External Applications. Switching: Circuit Switching/Packet switching differentiation, General concepts: Knowledge on Numbering system, Barring, forwarding, etc. Methods available for remote connectivity (Modem, VPN, Public IP, SSL), What is backup?, how it works?, scheduled backup, internal backup, using external applications, Backup restoration. DECT: what is DECT, Components of DECT (Handset, BS, Boards)


  • Understanding LDAP, Types of LDAP, Base DN, LDAP Attributes, LDAP browsers, What is Forest, Tree and UID.


  • Windows XP - IP configuration(IPV4), Firewall Configuration, User Creation, Folder sharing and Security, Domain login creation, Difference between windows - 2000/XP/Vista/7 Types of File partitions in windows, Necessity of screen Resolution Windows 2003 server - IP Configuration, Configuration of firewall, Network configuration - NAT / BRIDGING / RAS, etc., Installation of windows server / XP. Configuring Email server in win2003. Installation of 3rd party applications and configurations., Configuration of DNS, Configuring DHCP server and enabling DHCP rely , MCP certified

- Networking:

  • Basics of Networking - Communication between nodes OSI Models - Basic understanding Usage of Ping and Trace Route Basic understanding of TCP and UDP IP addressing - Class A, B and C OSI Model - Detailed Understanding Ethernet Cabling & Auto negotiation process Mac-addressing Subnetting - Class A, B and C TCP Protocol Suite / IP v4 Protocol Basics of DHCP - Dora Process Basics of DNS PING / Trace Route Utility - How it works - Framework Detailed Knowledge on OSI model - Encapsulation / Decapsulation Theory Knowledge on Telnet, HTTP, FTP/TFTP, SNMP VLSM ICMP Error Type - PING TCP Protocol - 3 Way Handshake, Widowing, Flow Control & Segmentation UDP Protocol Header IP v4 Protocol Header - Fragmentation, TTL, L3 TOS Basics of IP v6 - Address Types DHCP Relay and packets capture for DHCP DNS - Records

- Routing:

  • Basics of Routing - How packets are processed by router Routing Table. Understanding how the table is built. Basic knowledge on static and default routes Basic Scenario's on routing. IP v4 Protocol Header Practical knowledge on Static and Deafult Route RIP v1, v2 Basic understanding of Multicast Routing Basic of OSPF - Single Area

- Security:

  • Firewall - General understanding of different types of Firewall Technologies Host based firewall and Network based Firewalls, SOHO Firewall configuration Threats - Virus, Torjans, Worms, Hoaxs, Spywares, Adwares, Zombies VPN(IPSec) - Fundamentals, Authentication Header (AH, AH v3), Encapsulating Security Payload(ESP), Security Associations VPN(SSL) - SSL Tunnel vpn’s, SSL portal vpn’s. Configuraing and Administering SSL VPNs Radius - Operation and Configuration of Radius IDPS (Optional) - Basic working principles of IDS&IPS, Detection Methodologies: Signature based Detection, Anomol based Detection and Stateful protocol analysis Basics of Network based, Wireless based, Host based IDPS and Network behavior analysis.


  • Understanding on LINUX Kernel and File Systems. CLI commands,Installation and basic configuration of IP / DNS. Knowledge on Editors - (VI, Pico or Joe),Directory listing

- WAN:

  • Basic understanding of WAN concepts. Different WAN Protocols Serial ports on router - different types of cables used on WAN ports T1 and E1 - Basics. When to use T1 and E1


  • Knowledge of 802.11a Knowledge of 802.11b Knowledge of 802.11g
  • Understading WEP Encryption Understanding WPA-TKIP (PSK) Understanding WPA-AES (PSK)

Interested Candidates are invited to apply directly on the Castille Website. 

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