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Senior Data Engineer

Duration – 6 months with auto-renew    

Working Hours - 40hours/week CEST Timezone +/- 3hours    

Employment Type - Partner Agreement (B2B)    


Castille Labs is searching for the most talented Senior Data Engineers to join our Global teams for one of our client in the Gambling Sector.    


  • Take full ownership of features and code, from inception of ideas to deployment, maintenance and keeping it running 

  • Implement message producers and consumers in various programming languages following the common patterns and best practices 

  • Design and implement data streaming applications to allow users to explore large set of data near real time 

  • Work autonomously, knowing your team comes before the singularities 

  • Work on third party integrations, consume information coming from a number of in-house data sources, provide engineering services to our data scientists and marketeers 

  • Deal with the challenges of our distributed systems, but above all, take care of the stability and performance of our Big Data Platform. 



  • Relevant certification in Computing, Software Development or a related field    

  • Minimum of 5 years in Data Engineering  

  • Working Experience coding in Scala, Python, Bash and SQL 

  • Strong understanding and working experience of the Hadoop ecosystem, Spark, Hive and data warehousing 

  • Strong understanding of modern workflow/orchestration/automation tools (e.g. Jenkins, Docker or Airflow)  

  • Familiar with cloud computing big data services such as Glue, ElasticSearch, Sagemaker or EMR 

  • Demonstrates strong interest of the concepts and principles related to open-source culture and quality software development 

  • Has experience or interest in real-time processing 

  • Has an eye for detail and is eager to learn 


What to expect when you apply:    

  • One to One Chat/Video call, with an HC member    

  • Support from a dedicated Human Capital member to be part of our Global Platform and support you along your career journey!