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Sales and Negotiations for Financial Institutions - Part 2 of 2

pencil CPE: Pending

calendar 26 February

clock 8.00am until 5.00pm

location Castille, Casa Leone, Floriana

Selling and Negotiating is something we have done every day of our lives - be it at home, the office or when we are going about our daily business. We all possess the skills to sell and negotiate. This course will teach how we can increase those skills. 

What we are not going to teach on this course is “just how to sell”. What we are going to teach by the transfer of information to the attendees is how to look beyond the ‘Sale - Negotiation’. This in turn will help to dovetail the daily challenges with the Key Performance Indicators (KPI). We will cover Banking and Insurance products through interactive Case Studies. 

  • We will discuss and build a Road Map & strategy 

  • Build a Sales Campaign and plan Sales Timeframes 

  • We will also look at Sales & Negotiations in varying geographies 

What will you gain from this course?  

Understand how to enhance the relationship with your clients, by Cross Selling and Up Selling. 

Learn how to position your organisation, identify Red Flags, build bridges with your client base ‘beyond the sale’ and Understand how to ‘rescue’ damaged relationships. 

Who should attend 

  • Financial Institutions Senior Sales Executives 

  • Financial Institutions and Insurance Sales Managers 

  • Financial Institutions Business Managers 


This is a highly interactive course so come prepared to participate and influence the outcome. Comprised of Powerpoint presentations, case studies, discussions and Team Workshops. 

On both dates, registration and welcome coffee is scheduled between 0800hrs and 0830hrs.  There will also be 2 short coffee breaks at 1030hrs and 1500hrs, together with a light lunch between 1230hrs and 1315hrs. 

Day 1 

We begin with an introduction to define some basic concepts, principles and follow up with a number of Case Studies. 

What is Selling? 

  • Sales - Negotiations an Overview 

  • What makes up our definition of Selling and Negotiating? 

  • Why do we apply certain criteria to achieve success? 

  • A basic definition of Sales - Selling & Negotiation 

Sales & Negotiation 

  • Who needs these skills within your Team & organisation? 

  • Fundamentally where are these skills used? 

  • How often are they renewed / refreshed

The Sales Round Table 

  • Who are the Common Actors? 

  • Impact of ‘having no corners’? 

  • Criteria for your strategic success 

Selling - Back to Basics I 

  • Areas where Sales Teams have the most impact 

  • Road Map sharing and elongation of relationship 

  • Traffic Lights - indicate speed of progress & avoiding revolving doors 

  • Code of business & trust allows advancement 

Selling - Back to Basics II 

  • Evolving the negotiation 

  • Changing course is key as is following the road-map 

  • Earning the right to advance is also key - how do we accomplish this? 

Moving to the next level 

  • Sort the key issues and focus 

  • How do you choose your battlefield and who do you take? 

  • What strategy to employ & how do you choose the product to sell? 

  • Team building ‘Branding’ - Exercise 

Negotiating beyond the Road Map (Yes/No) 

  • What boundaries do you stick to / respect? 

  • Who is responsible for approving these boundaries / freedom? 

  • Financials always have to make sense - Y - N? 

  • Internal kitchen needs to be aware of where you are in the cycle? 

  • Use Technology to deliver ‘more’ 

Case Study - A - prepare and deliver 45 minutes preparation 

  • Cross Selling has to be part of your solution 

  • Q & A 

Day 2 

Negotiating Base Camp - PART I 

  • Three reasons why we might fail before departing Base Camp? 

  • Impact of failure and how do we stay in the race? 

  • Common mistakes in negotiating sales 

  • What intelligence did we gather - go over it again and check our source 

  • Go over it again - and check our understanding 

Case Study - B - prepare & deliver (45 mins) 

  • Who is the client & what is the product going to enhance - Up Selling  

  • Why are YOU / YOUR Co the solution 

  • Why are you bidding and events you will put into place to win 

  • Give us three elements that will result in a Win - Win 

Base Camp is done - Part II 

  • Competition has surfaced - how do we deal with hurdles? 

  • Review where we are and how to deal with our challenges? 

  • Division of roles & responsibilities? 

  • Key steps forward? - Time to remind the client of your Cross Selling products? 

Negotiating Upper slopes - prepare for a hard climb & Summit 

  • We need extra gear - people - finance 

  • New team, substitutes or wholesale changes? 

  • Specialist team - new approach - don't reject change 

  • Seniors brought in - ‘can be game changers 

Final ascent - ‘Oxygen’ or Free climb your choice   

  • Trust your intelligence - or need to re-evaluate? 

  • Team needs to be a Team - there is no ‘I’ in Team 

  • How well do you know your client - reflect - review and check where you are - key to success & there might be more hurdles 

  • Reaching the Summit - is not the ‘end game’ 

  • Where will decision making and follow up take place? 

  • Put the criteria down in writing - confirm and take the process forward 

Case Study C - New Co - New Logo prepare & deliver  

  • Work out a New suit of products to your current set of generic products 

  • Deliver three things to the audience that will move the relationship forward 

  • Deliver three things to the audience that will restrict the relationship 

  • Where are you with respect to your competition and how are you dealing with them? 

Conclusions - Q&A - Any other Business 

  • Summary & closing remarks 

  • One to One meetings with attendees 

About the Trainer – Charles Legrand 

My focus is on Coaching Sales & Management Teams, Firefighting challenging Projects, opening new Markets and Offices.  Well versed in taking ‘challenged’ Teams and colleagues and Training them to be ‘Sales Champions’.  I have worked in many Countries and with 40 years of Banking / Sales experience, I have a proven track record of getting Projects to start on time and meet revenue targets.  

I spent 10 years with Swift, managing three separate regions from UK, ME & India and latterly South Asia.  

  • Tasked with opening an office in DIFC Dubai and Mumbai India (both achieved).  

  • Tasked with increasing Payments and Securities traffic volumes by 15% achieved.  

  • Payments & Cash Management. Personal revenue target of $5 million of $20 achieved. 

  • Relationship Management. Personal revenue target of $4.5 million of $55 achieved. 

I started my career with Barclays Bank International in the UK and Gulf countries and jumped to the UAE to open two retail branches. 

I was educated in the UK and in addition to English, I am fluent in Greek and spoken Arabic. 

Investing in Skills Scheme

Candidates may be eligible to claim part of the cost incurred under the Investing in Skills Scheme.  Click here for further information.  Applications forms must be received by the Investing in Skills Unit at least 21 calendar days before start date of training.

A discounted price is available for students.  Booking is subject to availability and on presentation of a valid student card.

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