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Performance Management and Performance Appraisals

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calendar 14 October

clock 8.30am until 12.00pm

location Online Course (Live Session)

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The aim of all businesses is to increase profitability. In order to achieve this target, it is important to have all employees on board and to set up clear objectives which are achievable, specific and measurable. The best way to proceed is by implementing a performance management system (PMS) which includes a performance appraisal system. In doing so, the organisation, the managers, the supervisors and the executives will be able to, not only set up the objectives of each individual so that they contribute to the overall business objectives, but also to monitor and evaluate this performance.

The PMS will help in identifying the top achievers and the poor performers and act accordingly. It will help in the design of a succession plan, a training plan and also a reward system. All these initiatives will increase employee’s commitment to the organisation and boost profitability.


  • Performance Management – A Crucial Tool to Business Success

  • Why do we Manage Performance at all?

  • The Impact on profitability and employee commitment

  • How Performance Management is beneficial to both the company and the employee

  • Importance of implementing a good Performance Appraisal

  • Designing a Performance Appraisal system

  • The Different Stages to set up a Performance Appraisal System

  • Conducting Appraisal Meetings (before, during and after)

  • Effective Monitoring and Coaching

  • The Art of Giving Feedback

  • Managing High Achievers and Poor Performers

  • Practicing your Appraiser Skills

  • Appropriate tools to be used to ensure success of the system


Stephanie Adolphe is a qualified Organisational psychologist with a Masters in Organisational Psychology from the University of London and a Masters in Social Psychology from the University of Paris X. She has 12 years of experience as Head of HR and HR Director in various sectors of activities such as Tourism, Luxury Hotel, Property development, Sugar manufacturing, IT and Outsourcing sector. Living in Europe and working for group of companies based in Asia, Africa and Europe has increased her international experience.

During the last years she delivered corporate training on numerous HR topics and was also lecturer in psychology and HR for University of Coventry programmes. She has extensive expertise in setting up appropriate HR systems within companies involved in different types of activities. Her Organisational Psychologist background coupled with her business knowledge enabled the last company she worked for to have the “Great place to work” certification.