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pencil CPE: 14.5hrs PD

calendar 24 June

clock 8.00am until 5.00pm

location Castille, Casa Leone, Floriana

There is no (I) in Team!

Aims & Objectives

Managing Teams is a skill we earn through hard work and personal skill.  There is no magic, except for the magic you create.  Team management is an endeavour that we should all aspire to achieve. This course will help in understanding the underlying factors that assist in bringing out the skills needed for rising to the challenge of ‘Managing Teams’.

What we are not going to teach on this course is ‘just’ how to manage. What we are going to teach - transfer information on to the attendees as to how to look beyond ‘just managing’ which in turn will help to dovetail the daily challenges with the Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

  • We will discuss and build a Road Map & strategy to ‘Motivating Teams’.
  • Build a successful platform to ‘Winning Teams’.
  • We will also look at how to progress teams from a slow start to crossing the winning line first.

Candidates may be eligible to claim part of the cost incurred under the Investing in Skills Scheme.  Click here for further information.  Applications forms must be received by the Investing in Skills Unit at least 21 calendar days before start date of training.

A discounted price is available for students.  Booking is subject to availability and on presentation of a valid student card.

For full programme and registration form please click the pdf file below.

Managing Teams.pdf

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Target Audience

  • Senior Team Executives
  • Team Managers
  • Team Supervisor / Managers



This is a highly interactive course so come prepared to participate and influence the outcome. Course is comprised of Ppresentations, Case Studies, Discussions and Team Workshops.


What will you gain from this course?

  • Understand how to motivate your teams
  • Learn how to position your colleagues and identify Red Flags
  • Build bridges with your peers/seniors and arrive at the ‘Tipping point’
  • Understand how to help lagging team members & negative output 



On both dates, registration and welcome will be between 0800hrs and 0830hrs. There will also be 2 short coffee breaks at 1030hrs and 1500hrs, together with a light lunch between 1230hrs and 1315hrs. 

Day 1 – 24 June

We begin with an introduction to define some basic concepts, principles and follow up with a number of Case Studies - involving Team work and Team building criteria. 

1) What is Team Management all about

- Overview - What makes up your definition of Team Management? - Why do we need Team work? - What benefits do we gain? - Choose your Team 

2) How to begin the assembly of your team

- How to introduce yourself to your team - give a clear message - Create Standards & Borders - agree or disagree? - Create a fertile ground for ‘Baby ideas’ - and join with your objectives 

3) What is the structure of the Team

- Who are the Common Actors? - How do successful teams maintain momentum? 

4) Differing views on Team Types

- Team A, B or C - Team self-motivated or needs constant management involvement - Remote team work - is it effective? 

5) Lead your Team

- How to go about it and how not to ‘over engineer the process’ - Who to take on the ‘bus’ - As a Team member - what to expect from the Team Leader

6) Momentum Lost / Momentum Given to the Competition

- Where do you concentrate your energies? - Who is best suited for dealing with the competitive threat? - When to ‘strike’ and how to evolve the successful strategy

7) Seize the Initiative & Keep the High Ground

- Given the terrain you need to be observant and clinical - what actions do you take? - New terrain - needs to be kept, cultivated & increased - Initiative kept - Competition nullified and revenue increased are key

8) Case Study - prepare and deliver

- Overnight thoughts - Q & A 


Day 2 – 25 June

We begin with a short discussion on the overnight thoughts before moving to today’s programme. 

1) Controlling Meetings or Not

- Three reasons for achieving control & how to construct the base - What messages do you deliver - how much time do you allow for adherence? How do you structure your Team? - Who do you delegate to and how many layers? - What segmentation do you currently prefer

2) Case Study

- prepare & deliver

3) Performance & KPI

- What Data do you need to keep on your Radar? Understand when to redirect your energies and momentum Division of roles & responsibilities - Understand when to reposition your team & focus

4) Team Building

- Focus on enabling rotation & variation - Where do you believe is the best place to hold meetings? - Reward system - What? How do you reward? When do you reward? (Flip Chart) Why have Team building? - What is key in your Team building event?

5) Team Meetings - Dos & Donts

- Trust your instincts and keep your focus - Keep ‘Baby ideas’ and even if they do not ‘sell’ now - keep for later - How many times have you tried to ‘herd cats?’ - One Team meeting is not ‘the end game’ - so what frequency is right? - What structure do you have at the Team meeting?

6) Forming Results into Revenue and Future income

- Team meetings need to turn discussion - agreement into results - Your management techniques will have to engender positive and positive attitude into positive results - Your management techniques need to persuade the Team to go the extra mile - Your management techniques need to make 1-2-1 meetings positive, they need to be relevant, timely, frequent and beneficial for all parties

7) Conclusions - Q&A

- Any other Business - Summary & closing remarks - One to One meetings with attendees - Seven Steps to Management Success - available in full 


About the Speaker

My focus is on Coaching Sales & Management Teams, Firefighting challenging Projects, opening new Markets and Offices. Well versed in taking ‘challenged’ Teams and colleagues and Training them to be ‘Sales Champions’. I have worked in many Countries and with 40 years of Banking / Sales experience, I have a proven track record of getting Projects to start on time and meet revenue targets.

  • I spent 10 years with Swift, managing three separate regions from UK, ME & India and latterly South Asia.
  • Tasked with opening an office in DIFC Dubai and Mumbai India (both achieved).
  • Tasked with increasing Payments and Securities traffic volumes by 15% achieved.
  • Payments & Cash Management. Personal revenue target of $5 million of $20 achieved.
  • Relationship Management. Personal revenue target of $4.5 million of $55 achieved.

I started my career with Barclays Bank International in the UK and Gulf countries and jumped to the UAE to open two retail branches. I was educated in the UK and in addition to English, I am fluent in Greek and spoken Arabic.






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