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Money Laundering and Crypto Currency. 'Managing and Regulating the Wave of Change'

pencil CPE: -

calendar 24 November

clock 8.30am until 1.00pm

location Online Course (Live Session)

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Although crypto currency as a financial commodity has been around for some years, the sudden leap forward in its availability and with global regulation struggling for consistency has created a potential Tsunami threat of money laundering. A threat mostly brought about by the paradigm-shift by criminals now by-passing the banks to launder massive sums in criminal proceeds, derived from other crimes.

Therefore, we are delighted to offer a new and creative training course designed to cut through the morass of money laundering issues.

Essentially, we seek to ensure awareness for you to instil best practices in your organisation to meet new money laundering threats brought by crypto-currency imbued with AML vulnerabilities.

Topic Areas

  1. Crypto-currency: definitions, explanations and highlighting AML risk areas thereof

  2. Precision detection of ‘conversion points’ from fraud and related ‘predicate crimes’ in crypto currency to becoming criminal proceeds and thereby ‘laundered’ proceeds

  3. Removing a commonly-held belief that particular money laundering threats and sources are confined to particular regions

  4. How enforcement and regulators can meet the challenges’ to both support and enforce

  5. Setting out AML policy objectives to enable an effective AML defence policy to incorporate crypto-currency – capable of being audited and inspected

  6. Crucial risk management review of AML crypto currency trends and patterns

Trainer: Ian Ross (Director, Compliance & Training, Detecta E.U.S.)

  • Fellow: Chartered Management Institute

  • ‘Listed expert' Cour pénale internationale (The International Court of Justice (The Hague)

  • International Advisory Group Member, United States Institute of Peace ("USIP”)

  • Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist

  • Trainer: ACAMS