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Key Elements & Principles for Managing Operational Risk

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calendar 01 September

clock 8.30am until 11.45am

location Online Course (Live Session)

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​This 3-hour online course is brief dive into Operational Risk Management & Mitigation.

Aimed at exploring the Operational Risk management function and mitigation requirements as mandated by multiple regulators around the globe; a key objective of this course is to move the participants beyond the statutory operational risk compliance requirements to an understanding of managing operational risk as a value added proposition that can be instrumental in increasing the profitability of the organization while at the same time improving its structural strength.

Now the ongoing continuum of headline-grabbing operational risk incidents at banks, other financial institutions and even regulators continue to keep the issue of operational risk management at the top of agendas of CEO’s , CRO’s, Risk Managers and Internal & External Auditors alike.


The objectives of this training course is to provide all staff, irrespective of whether they work in the front-, middle- or back-office, with a basic foundation in the theory and practice of Operational Risk Management. This training is provided in a practical “hands-on” manner that allows participants to build on what they have learned.

Topics to be covered in the 3 hours

What is risk?

  • Operational Risk – The big picture

  • Dimension & drivers of risk management

  • Business drivers

  • Regulatory drivers

  • Rating Agencies & risk

  • Cross-border implications

  • What is the value of Operational Risk Management?

Risk Types

  • How we categorize risks

  • What is covered under Basel?

  • Risk categories

  • Basel’s risk coverage

  • Operational risk categorization

  • The financial risk management environment

  • The operational risk management environment

  • The technical Implications of operational risk management

Managing Operational Risk

  • Implementation issues

  • The governance process

  • Setting risk management objectives

  • Building a risk culture

  • Examples of a staff risk culture

  • Examples of management risk culture

  • Why are risk cultures important?​

Key Elements in Managing Operational Risk

  • The core issues in managing operational risk

  • Risk Analysis

  • Determining the “Risk Appetite”

  • Risk impact / Event frequency

  • Impact vs. Probability

  • A generic case study

“Sound Practices for the Management and Supervision of Operational Risk”

  • Principles for the management of operational risk

  • Sound operational risk governance

  • Each of the 11 Principles are examined in terms of their content, meaning and implementation factors

  • Responsibilities

Operational Risk –Practical Example

· Case Study: the National Australia Bank (NAB) , one of Australia’s largest banks, made the sudden an unexpected announcement that they had suffered a loss of AUD $360 million due to unauthorized foreign currency trading activities by four employees who incurred and deceptively concealed the losses.

About the Trainer

Richard Barr holds a B.S. in International Business Administration from San Jose State University in California. His professional experience spans over 30 years. The first 5 years were spent with Wells Fargo Bank. Another 5 were spent honing his global banking skills, when Richard was intimately involved with International Trade Finance, Real Time Gross Settlement and International Payments, Cross Border Banking.

Richard then repositioned into the private and high-tech sectors providing high- level consulting services, business analysis, project management and training to a wide range of banking clientele across the globe. He has spent extensive time servicing a diversity of corporates and 'financial institutional” clients, in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Korea, Malawi, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Poland, Sweden, Ireland, Netherlands, Greece, United Kingdom, Norway, Bermuda and across North America. Clients that Richard has trained & consulted to include with such notable firms as ANZ Bank, AIB Bank, Eurobank, ABSA Bank, CitiBank, Swedbank, IBM, Montran and Fundtech, as well as many others.

Richard has also filled the role of advisor to ministries of finance, central banks on risk management, corporate governance, cash management, payment systems and technical payment and risk issues. Furthermore, key staff members from the Bank of England, South African Reserve
Bank, Central Bank of Ireland, Bank Indonesia, European Central Bank, Norgesbank, Central Bank of Kenya, Central Bank of Tanzania, Bank of Portugal and others have attended training sessions presented by Richard.

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