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CPE: 7hrs CORE (3.5hrs each session)

18 October

2.30pm until 6.30pm

Castille, Casa Leone, Floriana

Securitisation has increasingly become the focus of many debates in Malta and in Europe. In countries with developed capital markets, securitisation has been cited as an essential tool for funding economic growth, as it channels funds from investors to borrowers to finance assets in the real economy such as residential mortgages, auto-loans, SME lending and others. 

Malta is fast becoming a growing securitisation centre in Europe. Developments expected in the coming months, are likely to increase Malta’s attractiveness to international investors who seek to use securitisation as a tool, particularly where there are ancillary advantages from certain circumstances. There is therefore an increasing demand to understand the complexity of this method of structured finance. 

This course aims to provide a comprehensive overview of this tool of structured finance. It will provide an introduction to securitisation and give the foundations which will serve as building blocks that are necessary in any securitisation transaction. Aside from providing the technical and legal information, it will also seek to take a more practical perspective and introduce attendees to the major markets where securitisation is regularly used as a tool.

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Tags: Finance, Securitisation