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Managing Your Fraud Risk: 'Robust Strategies, Operational Efficiencies'

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calendar 27 October

clock 8.30am until 1.00pm

location Online Course (Live Session)

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​Preventing fraud poses a two-fold challenge to managers: writing off fraud as ‘business losses’ thereby not managing internal fraud prevention closely enough, and, creating indifferent or confusing company compliance policies which do not afford protection against external fraud threats and their sources.

This new course will go beyond standard deliveries of fraud prevention. Using an engaging and productive training method, we work with you thorough presentations, skills, interactive group activities, multi-directional discussions and case studies.

Participants will learn:

  • Advanced corporate fraud awareness and key distinctions

  • To overcome management challenges of broaching fraud in company culture

  • Compliance: a review of applicable legislation

  • Effective fraud investigations’ case management

  • How to healthily combine peoples’ skills with systems

  • To design and manage effective fraud prevention controls

Topic Areas

  1. Dismantling the barriers to fraud prevention management

  2. Beyond ‘red flags’: a brief but crucial session on the psychology and motivations of fraud

  3. ‘Designing out corruption’. Codes of Conduct and anti-bribery measures

  4. Investigations’ case management (delegation skills and resourcing)

  5. Analytics: their place in fraud prevention

  6. Internal controls and creating a positive counter-fraud culture

  7. Fraud prevention policy: planning, implementation and review

Trainer: Ian Ross (Director, Compliance & Training, Detecta E.U.S.)

  • Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist

  • ‘Listed expert' Cour pénale internationale (The International Court of Justice (The Hague)

  • International Advisory Group Member, United States Institute of Peace ("USIP”)

  • Fellow: Chartered Management Institute

  • Trainer: ACAMS

Tags: Fraud