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CPE: 2hrs CORE

27 October

3.00pm until 5.30pm

Castille, Casa Leone, Floriana

There is a current drive to reduce weaknesses in corporate governance, particularly with an emphasis on the suitability of persons in the management body and key function holders. EU regulators are currently driving competent authorities to approve persons considered to be suitable and requires financial institutions to carry out an assessment on same individuals prior to on-boarding and on an ongoing basis. The principles of good repute, competence, time commitment and professional background are at the forefront; without eliminating the collegiate competence required at the overseeing level. 

Throughout the session attendees will get a deeper understanding as to what EU regulators are after, and what is in the pipeline for credit institutions and investment firms. The attendees will also gain an insight as to how the competent authority carries out its due diligence and how institutions play a role in providing the competent authority with the requested information.

For full programme and registration form please click the pdf file below.

Tags: Finance, Internal Governance