Castille at Sigma 2016


Castille, a leading specialist recruitment and search firm in Tech and Financial talent participated in Sigma 2016 organising panels in relation to HR, Regulation, Engagement & Retention in the Gaming Industry.

The opening statement to the series of panels referred to one of the articles of the Harvard Business Review wherein engagement with millennials in general was cited as a top 3 concern for leading CEOs. Panellists Jamie Debono (Igaming Academy), Thomas Mahoney (MGA), Michael Caselli (Igaming Business) & Savior Balzan (Moderator / MediaToday) discussed the unique position of Malta to develop its global relevancy in iGaming on a global scale through education. They also discussed why companies in Malta should support the education effort and how these courses can help professionals develop further and in turn increase talent to our country since at any one time there are over 1,000 vacancies within gaming in Malta along.

The second panel discussed the delicate subjects of Skills Shortages, Emerging Employment trends and the associated Legal and Tax implications. With their extensive knowledge in legal, audit and recruitment, Dr. Paul Micallef Grimaud (Ganado), Dr. Matthew Brincat (Ganado), Mirko Rapa (PwC) and Matthew Camilleri (Castille) discussed the reasons and evolving trends behind skills shortages, with candidates capable of software development being a prime example of the situation faced by many firms around the world. The demand is always exceeding the supply of available talent and Ian Busuttil Naudi as moderator questioned the panellists on ways of mitigating these shortages through different methods, mainly through targeting of more EU candidates and third party nationals, using remote working, providing Internships and partnering with outsourcing providers.

During the 2nd part of the event, Nathan Farrugia, CEO at Ultimate Performance took the stage and spoke about how one can future-proof their people to outperform competition. In this keynote, neuroscience met human resource management, motivation theory and performance strategy, to stimulate the audience into thinking about how to prepare the workforce for massive change.

The final panel had a greater focus on Employee Engagement for Digital Workers. From the experience of specialists and industry research, it is known that Digital Workers request and need varying workplace elements, not necessarily requested by other industries. The panel members Omar Bitar (Poker stars), Katharina Mifsud (Tipico), Martin Schillig (Betsson), Marvin Cuschieri (FHRD) and Matthew Camilleri (Castille) contributed by using their experiences in using the “HR Tool Kit” in order to optimise employee engagement and retention. Such tools include Training and Development, Rewards and Compensation, Technical Challenges, Positive Working Environments, Diversity in the working place and the possibility for employees to thinking outside the proverbial box.

Further details about the panels are available on request.

Sigma panel 2

Sigma panel 2

Sigma panel 2

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