Castille Events during Sigma


Castille is a specialist recruitment firm for Tech, Finance and Executive careers. Their proposition is consultative and knowledge based, providing clients and candidates with an Expert view and a Specialist Network. In 2016, as part of their contribution to Sigma, Castille will be organizing two panels in relation to HR, Regulation, Engagement & Retention in the Gaming Industry.

Panel number 1 will be discussing the delicate subjects of Skills Shortages, Emerging Employment trends and the Legal, Tax implications of same. With the knowledge of leading legal, audit and recruitment firms, the contribution to discussion will be invaluable. This panel has an HR base with a regulatory spin.

The first panel will start by discussing the reasons and evolving trends behind skills shortages, with candidates capable of software development being a prime example of the situation faced by many firms around the world, with demand exceeding the supply of available talent. The panel will discuss ways of mitigating these shortages through different methods, mainly through targeting of more EU candidates and third party nationals, using remote working, providing Internships and partnering with outsourcing providers.

The last method can assist firms by helping them plug into a ready available workforce, and is easily scalable according to client needs.

Other important points for a firm to consider when looking for skilled talent include attraction & relocation packages, employment law in Malta, Intellectual Property implications and Income tax.

The second panel will have a greater focus on Employee Engagement for Digital Workers. From the experience of specialists & industry research, it is known that Digital Workers request & need varying workplace elements, not necessarily requested by other industries.

The ability of employees to create, innovate and develop products of their own, which they are passionate about, is important. Giving these employees the opportunity of growing and providing time for their own creations can prove to be crucial in engaging the right employees and also retaining them.

With the continuous growing number of opportunities available, digital workers are more careful in analysing their career choices, and will look to join a company whose culture fits their own.

The panel members will contribute by using their experience in using the “HR Tool Kit” in order to optimise employee engagement and retention. This HR toolkit assists organisations by using a number of methods which research has shown to have an effect on happiness and loyalty demonstrated by employees. Such tools include Training and Development, Rewards and Compensation, Technical Challenges, Positive Working Environments, Diversity in the working place and the possibility for employees to thinking outside the proverbial box.


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