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Castillians Siddhart & Avishek take on WebCup 2021

20 days ago by Andrea Amato

A tournament that invites innovation and technology to combine into creative entrepreneurship.

Originally created in 2009, the WebCup Association hosts tournaments annually aimed to promote IT jobs and its sector with participants from numerous countries. Through this tech tournament, WebCup hopes to encourage entrepreneurship in IT and provide a platform to inspire innovation. It also serves to connect IT enthusiasts and influence them to collaborate across diverse IT applications in supporting the exchange of ideology and other cultural influences.

In terms of practicality, the WebCup tournament alerts teams (made up between one and four persons) to produce a fully functioning website within 24 hours. Participants are only aware of what servers will host their website before the countdown begins, where details including the theme is resigned for when the competition kicks off. For Siddhart, these hidden details don’t deter his motivation: “Personally, I find these themes make the tournament more attractive due to their diverse domains”, he stated.

The tournament follows competitive technological trends with a fun and comedic flair. Software developers and similar disciplines engage their industry experience to oftentimes unheard-of contexts. Previous themes introduced by WebCup included:

  • A marketplace for investing in cryptocurrencies (2021),

  • A travel website that allows user to travel via teleportation (2021), and

  • A barter exchange site that assists users from escaping zombies (2018).

The above illustrates the creative themes featured by WebCup that forces teams to innovate solutions to complex problems we’re less presented with. The association invites participants to compete in two main categories: regionally and internationally, whereby participants either collaborate with each other from the same country or the winning team from each country until a final winner is announced, respectively.


Teams and participants

As WebCup welcomes cooperation between countries in their international tournament category, several countries are involved. These include Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, Reunion Island, Rodrigues, and Seychelles. The Mauritian team comprised of four members: Avishek Ramah, Akshay Ramdass, Danajee Ramma, and Siddhart Bisram. Both Avishek and Siddhart also work together in the Castille development team.

Whilst this was Siddhart’s first time competing in the tournament, Avishek and the other members had previously taken part three times already. “They knew all the ins and outs of the tournament,” Siddhart began, “I, on the other hand, had a lot to catch up on and make sure I can help them the best way I can.” Whilst the rest of the team portrayed a mixture of tech disciplines, including software development and graphic design, Siddhart engaged his role as a SQL & BI developer, alongside Avishek’s front-end development experience.


The regional & international tournaments 2021

On the 29th and 20th of May this year, each of the aforementioned countries select a winning team to represent the country in the following international tournament of the WebCup series. Avishek’s and Siddhart’s team learned their theme of this year to represent a very familiar and daunting tone—the failure of present banking systems due to a widespread pandemic—no doubt inspired by current world affairs. Further to the theme, payments are only to be made in cryptocurrency, and the Mauritian team had to build a website that portrays numerous investment opportunities through this payment option.

Whilst this was Siddhart’s first experience participating, their team rode into the finish line and attained the first prize, beating nine other teams representing Mauritius. This momentum catapulted the team to the international tournament that took place later in the year, on the 4th and 5th of September.

This time, the theme was less known to our kind—teams were presented with an opportunity to create a website for the year 2100, to showcase space travel services across galaxies via teleportation. Indeed, wherein the regional tournament we discussed a hyperbolic rendition of current affairs, WebCup turned to a more scientific approach that connects present booking interfaces with foreign land.

The number of teams that participated in the international tournament shortened to six, representing the six different islands. Avishek & Siddhart’s team came in second place, following closely behind the team from Madagascar. Whilst they didn’t reach the winning slot this time, the team left no hard feelings: “We wanted to contribute our knowledge to something more fun,” Siddhart expressed, “We get to collaborate amidst new individuals and compete against other software developers in the industry.”

When thinking about competing in future competitions, Siddhart is already considering novel tournaments, though at the moment himself and Avishek are completing postgraduate qualifications that leave them focused elsewhere. “But we will definitely keep an eye on any competitions to come”, Siddhart concluded, leaving the prospects of their software developer jobs open for creative and prosperous futures.