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Your Data Privacy Checklist

5 months ago by Vikash Lalsing

​As we learned in a recent article highlighting our data privacy rights, we know it is especially important as we consume more services and products digitally. We therefore have to protect our personal data adequately and ensure that our rights are abided to.

Your simple data privacy checklist

Here is your data privacy checklist to ensure your personal information is protected for the long haul.

  1. Read and understand any privacy policy available when providing personal data. These are meant to be written clearly as per data privacy laws, to avoid confusion for the general consumer.

  2. Only provide necessary information when there is legal justification for a company or website to own it. Do not provide more information that is further than what is required.

  3. Learn about security practices that keep your personal data safe with all your devices. This includes securing your mobile and computer with a password and ensuring a secure password for your WiFi.

  4. Before discarding documents that contain personal information, ensure these are shred first, including receipts and bank or credit card statements.

  5. Do not hesitate to exercise your data privacy rights when needed. If you no longer require a service, request your personal data to be deleted.

  6. Apply these practices for yourself and others. If you handle personal data for other persons, ensure that you use the same level of protection that you would when treating your own personal data in your job in Malta or beyond.

This article is from the Castille Quarterly Newsletter | July 2021