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Castille Salary Benchmark: June 2021

8 months ago by Castille

​The Castille Salary Benchmark is widely recognised as the industry standard in Salary data for Financial, Legal, Technology, and Executive jobs in Malta.

About our Figures

The Castille 2021 Salary Benchmark is based on the Average Gross Basic Salary ranges we have seen being offered in the local market over the last 12 months.

For the avoidance of doubt, our figures will not necessarily be statistically representative of all salary values paid by the entire market, as our report focuses specifically on the values being offered for relevant open vacancies during this period, across all sectors and businesses of different sizes.

This data is collated through our front-end systems, and filtered and categorised by our internal teams to ensure the numbers are presentative and comparable of such offers in the market.

Should companies require more specific advice on salary structures and skills availability, please do not hesitate to contact us.

T: (+356) 20933000

E: brand@castilleresources.com

How can I access the Salary Benchmark?

Please find the Castille Salary Benchmark (published in June 2021) below or have it sent to your inbox.