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An Alliance with Nature: World Environment Day 2021

8 months ago by Andrea Amato

On June 5th every year, hundreds of countries unite for the UN’s climate change platform.

Since 1974, the United Nations orchestrated a vehicle for environmental awareness and protection. Their focus encompasses many climate affairs, including sustainable best practices and illegal wildlife activity. Despite their widespread approaches, their core mission remains the same, to advocate the latest in environmental restoration for international communities to follow suit.

This year, World Environment Day (WED) presents a proactive platform that helps restore our ecosystems. Their landing webpage presents an uncompromising front: “We are the generation that can make peace with nature. Let’s get active, not anxious. Let’s be bold, not timid.” The WED site features up-to-date resources that answers current climate questions, all alongside a prevalent Generation Restoration hashtag.

For participants wishing to join their movement, the UN provides an interactive playbook that details how citizens can be environmentally active in their local communities, be it at home or in your job in Malta and beyond. These are divided into three pillars: Actions, Choices, and Voices.

Generation Restoration

Actions: Set aside the time to dedicate towards local restoration efforts and conservation organisations. In Malta, examples of these organisations include The Gaia Foundation and Friends of the Earth Malta.
Choices: Obtain resources and goods from organisations that own environmental values. Choose to proactively alter your behaviour in support of reducing your environmental footprint and encourage the surrounding people to do the same.
Voices: Be active in dialogue concerning environmental advocacy and make your voice heard. In general conversation or serious debate, speaking for the environment can lead to the beginning of important policy amendments.

Our planet is surrounded by bountiful ecosystems; be it on land or sea, flora or fauna. The take home message for WED this year is clear, learn about the planet and climate change, and join a movement that is loud and proud. It is a collective effort to support environmental affairs, and this effort begins from the individual.