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The 3 pillars of Castille: Labs, Digital, & Search

8 months ago by Andrea Amato

Who we are​

Labs, Digital, and Search are the three pillars which make up Castille Resources. Together, they offer a forward-thinking front to pursue professional development with action-oriented targets. Whether you are looking for jobs in Malta; remote or not, executive search and employer branding, here’s word from some of our team on what Labs, Digital, and Search are.

In conversation with Meldon Borg, Christian Xuereb, and Nikki Farrugia

Castille Labs

Change is unavoidable. At the forefront of change is technology and the perennial scarcity of tech talent. Fuelling the modern economies of today, software developer teams have never been in so much demand and inundated with transformation requirements despite the global pandemic context we live in today. At Labs we prioritise global, certified and scalable remote software teams excelling in tightly integrating these with onshore client teams, whilst providing enriching career journeys for our Castillians coupled with stable work-life balance.

Meldon Borg
Human Capital Consultant

Castille Digital

Castille Digital is an employer branding platform; to assist brands in obtaining traffic to their website and increase brand recognition. I would say the main advantage of Digital is that it is a niche website with its target in tech and finance jobs in Malta and abroad. Another advantage of the platform is our network size; candidates can be recruited from a variety of countries across the globe. For example, we’ve software developers at Castille working remotely for Labs. Our website can therefore serve as a one-stop-shop for tech and finance jobs. If you are specifically looking for a role within these sectors, you can go on Castille and find it there. In this way, the website can be considered as a life-long career partner.

Christian Xuereb
Marketing Manager

Castille Search

Castille Search can be defined as finding solutions to fulfil recruitment needs for clients where others and they themselves have failed. We have open roles for open clients; for example, audit firms always need auditors. We have regular clients who reach out to us every time they have a requirement. These would stem from a successful and long-standing working relationship. We then have new clients who contact us because they’ve a requirement they cannot fill themselves. The aim is to convert new clients into regular ones.

The process is simple. We get the brief, job description, and advise our clients on the kind of profile and salaries they should be paying for these profiles. Once we have the relevant information, we start our search and selection process. Each candidate sourced is thoroughly interviewed. This is to ensure that each profile sent in is of a good standard. We usually send in the top three candidates handpicked for our clients. The secret to our success is that we have highly skilled consultants who specialise on different verticals within the finance and tech sphere. They are constantly sourcing and creating pipelines of the most required skills in these sectors.

Nikki Farrugia
Director of Client Services Malta

This article is from the Castille Quarterly Newsletter | December 2020.