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The characteristics of a great Castillian software engineer: Coding

8 months ago by Joseph Glynn

The characteristics of a great Castillian software engineer is part of a series written by Joseph Glynn and Claire Cauchi, check out part one and part three.

Making sure the code works​

Getting the code to work is only the first hurdle. The next question is: Does this code work correctly? Wrong results can have disastrous consequences, from mundane UI annoyances that frustrate end-users and inhibit their productivity — to loss of life or revenue at the extreme. Code that doesn’t work correctly is as useless as code that doesn’t work at all.

A solutions-oriented approach

As a developer, one needs to adopt a test-driven mindset and need to actively imagine all the scenarios where errors can occur. How are they handled? All errors missed will likely cause a program to crash, corrupt data, expose confidential data through security vulnerabilities, or turn away users who expect reliability. Testing is critically important for reducing costs of development. As a developer, you are well positioned to catch errors during the actual building of the code, rather than retrospectively. Every error that gets past and found by QA, or even by an end-user, is more expensive to the business than the additional time a developer needs to invest in ensuring error-free code.

Final notes

Agree upon best practices and design patterns that have been recognised over time to solve common problems. Best practices save you time because you don’t need to solve the problem from scratch on your own (i.e. reinvent the wheel). Using microservices architecture is standard, but do not expect to be micromanaged!

Your career and reputation are your responsibility!

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