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The characteristics of a great Castillian software engineer: A good developer

about 1 year ago by Joseph Glynn

​The characteristics of a great Castillian software engineer is part of a series written by Joseph Glynn and Claire Cauchi, check out part two and part three.

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A good developer builds sustainable and reusable functional code, that has been thoroughly tested as a standalone unit and also in its operating environment, in the time allocated and following accepted best practices. Moreover a good developer never stops learning and strives to build prototypes with experimental technology that can showcase new ways of working.

What are the fundamentals of a good developer mindset?

  • Think Enterprise not schoolish

  • Write clean Code, easy to be read and understood

  • Code that can be tested

  • Use simplicity

  • Code that can be maintained

  • Code that can be reused

  • Code that abstracts and removes dependencies on specific platforms

  • Use tools that identify potential errors BEFORE code execution

  • Use consistent formattingto help in identifying and understand the written code structure more easily, and improve readability of code for subsequent changes done by other developers

  • Read the documentation for the languages, libraries, and frameworks used and understand their nuances

  • Train yourself to see potential errors in the flow as while writing code. Code is the developer’s responsibility and ensuring that it works

  • Do not shy away from overlapping into other responsibilities (particularly DevOps) to ensure that team members working on your product find dependable deliverables that they can build upon

  • Experiment and build prototypes using latest technology stacks to ensure you are at the forefront of new ways of working. This will enable you to build showcases and justify the adoption of such technologies to decision makers

  • Think service-centric – you are delivering a service to others. Make sure the service you are providing is impeccable

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