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What does digitalisation mean for Malta?

about 1 year ago by Andrea Amato

​Digitalisation refers to the accelerated technological development occurring internationally. It’s applicability to various fields have left researchers challenged to reach a consensus for a single definition. For this post, digitalisation is simplistically defined by the transfer of analogue information into digital. Business reviewers have been studying its economic effects and Malta is attempting to incorporate digitalisation into its economy. The following post will explore the meaning of digitalisation in the Maltese context.

The Malta Chamber on digitalisation in 2016

The Malta Chamber explored digitalisation as a means to construct businesses alongside technology, including a flexible online presence and tips to engage with consumers. In their presentation digitalisation meant the following:

• A cohesive collaboration between traditional business practices and digital transformation

• An increase of engagement with employers and consumers

• Remaining up to date with consumer demands through an established digital network

• Enhanced co-operation between international organisations

Re-visiting digitalisation in 2019

More recently, the established technological company Avantech hosted a conference supporting digitalisation in 2019. The aim of this conference was to help businesses transfer their models to more digital ones and discuss potential pitfalls and solutions. In this setting, digitalisation had multiple meanings. These included:

• The relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and digitalisation

• A means to efficiently secure documents in a digital manner

• Access to reputable technology providers to help minimise pitfalls

• The concept of ‘going paperless’

It is important to consider that digitalisation is customisable to the needs of an organisation. Technology and data evolve at an alarmingly fast speed, so it may be difficult for organisations to comprehend its volume. Nevertheless, the adaptability of digitalisation can cater for specific and complex issues. As a starting point, it is worth considering a digital readiness assessment. This assessment can help meet specific requirements for an organisation and lead one to explore what digitalisation means for them, and optimise their jobs in Malta and elsewhere!

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