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The world of work: A new dawn in 2021?

about 1 year ago by Matthew Camilleri

In recent weeks we have seen a variety of industries such as Big Pharma, biotech firms, and universities rush to pronounce their break through COVID-19 vaccines, providing some hope to an end of this first modern pandemic.

The Castillian outlook

The above leads us to the following question; what should we expect from the much touted new normal? While speculation and theory abounds from all corners of the world, the below summarises our humble take:

  • Once vaccines are distributed to significant masses of the population, the working society will return to the office however a hybrid remote working model will prevail.

  • This will be more pronounced in specific white collar positions, especially where the work is more suited to be carried out remotely and where the skills are in short supply.

  • Within our specialist areas of Tech and Finance, we are expecting the remote first phenomenon to survive the pandemic.

  • We expect that remote first will fast establish itself as a main stream benefit offered by most employers of these skills.

  • Offices will become hubs of regular collaboration but not necessarily the main workplace.

  • Corporate partnerships and higher value long-term gig work will become a more important piece to companies’ resourcing plans especially in Tech.

  • The digital revolution will hasten with digital customer experiences having transitioned from strategic to simply fundamental.

  • This will add further pressure to the availability of Tech skills.