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FinanceMalta 13th Annual Conference 2020: The future of financial services served in a digital platform

over 1 year ago by Andrea Amato
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For the past 13 years, FinanceMalta held annual conferences with leading panel experts to discuss current affairs within financial services. This year was different as FinanceMalta had to curate an online conference to sidestep COVID-19. Attendees were requested to install Whovaon their devices in order to enjoy the conference virtually. Castille’s own team were invited to join in on the three-day conference, and as a recurrent attendee Castille participated as a platinum sponsor. The event was introduced by FinanceMalta’s chairman Rudoplh Psaila.

The conference featured many honorary members, including Malta’s prime minister Robert Abela. The first day focused on Malta’s position within financial services and its economic landscape; including discussions surrounding Moneyval (a report in financial crime which has lately threatened the Maltese economy). A comparison of regulations within particular sectors between Council of Europe countries was presented. The concluding sentiment followed Moneyval whereby panel experts reiterated the need to attribute financial resources responsibly for the sake of meeting international requirements and for Malta’s own benefit. The first day set the tone for the rest of the conference: Malta’s role within local and international finance industries gathered by inspirational industry knowledge.

 The second day of the conference shed light on a prominent international affair: climate change. FinanceMalta supported financial services as an institution able to contribute in sustainable workplace practices. This was primarily presented with the European Green Deal; an EU incentive to make Europe the “first climate-neutral continent”. The European Green Deal supports initiatives which allocate economic resources toward environmental targets. On par with this statement, FinanceMalta operated its panel to encourage strategies for long-term economic investments. The day was concluded by another panel of tax experts, who shared attractive knowledge of the local taxation system alongside practical recommendations.

The final day incorporated three panels: innovation for future practices in financial services, asset management, and additional recommendations for organisations. A recurring theme of the day focused on resilient strategies that foster development within financial services. Panel experts localised implementation strategies within Malta and credited sectors which are flourishing, alongside sectors with room for further growth. Despite trying times, FinanceMalta upheld its commitment in providing an insightful digital conference. Castille celebrates this partnership through its continued relationship with FinanceMalta in its shared aim in facilitating industry development and success.