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5 tips to stay productive whilst working remotely

about 1 year ago by Eamonn Mifsud
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​With the COVID-19 pandemic leading the future of remote working to take shape, maintaining high work productivity is crucial in order to achieve the results remotely which were once achieved in the office environment. However, due to workers being forced into remote work, the professional office setting is an environment that some need to get used to living without. On the other hand, working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean that one needs to work in his bed with their pyjamas. There are many habits and practices one may adopt in order to maximise their productivity whilst remote working.

1. Work your usual hours

When not working in the office a common mistake is dividing your workload on the span of the whole day, leading tasks to be delayed till end of day. This takes a toll on productivity as when correspondence with colleagues is required, they are most likely not available during non-office hours.

2. Get ready as if you’re going to the office

If you’re working remotely from home, mornings may be a little bit challenging when it comes to transitioning from rest mode to productive mode. A good way to overcome this would be to actually get ready in the morning as if you were heading to the office. Having a shower is a good way to wake yourself up. Getting out of your pyjamas and wearing something smart-casual is definitely a must, especially if you have video meetings throughout the day.

3. Stay in contact with your workmates

A limiting factor when working remotely is the easy access of corresponding with your workmates. A simple yes or no question which would be answered within a few seconds in the office could possibly take up multiple minutes to be replied to due to the distance of the team. However, this is not an excuse for your to distance yourself from your colleagues. In fact, having a regular conversation with your colleagues and the individuals you report to at work is very important in order to keep on track in establishing the goals of the week. Maintaining a sense of community allows you to mimic as much as possible the work environment, all whilst working from a distance from the rest of your peers.

4. Space out your breaks

Whilst remote working, it is easy to lose track of time, not being limited to your ordinary hours and basing your work on tasks completed rather than hours in office leaves you taking more breaks than usual. Although breaks are vital and are in fact necessary in order to maintain high work productivity they should be spaced out and not be made advantage of. Robert Pozen, a senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management and author of Extreme Productivity suggests taking a 15 minute break between every 75 and 90 minutes.

5. Change up your environment

Working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work from home. We should be taking advantage of having to work remotely and make the best out of all the benefits that come with it. Working remotely means that you are required the work out of the office, from your laptop, meaning that you as long as you are able to be productive you are able to work in various locations, such as in a public library, a cafeteria, a park, or even in your own garden.