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Never waste a Crisis - Our 2.0 @ Castille (by Matthew Camilleri)

over 1 year ago by Matthew Camilleri
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​The last 12 weeks have been some of the most challenging times in my career, however they have also been the most productive and defining. The crisis gave us a mandate to be bold and bold we were, by taking a close look at our business and the evolving global work norms which are still emerging today. The crisis gave us an opportunity to take stock, absorb and sharpen our direction.

Castille, a 12 year old start-up with its roots in recruitment will emerge from this crisis a Tech firm in talent with ambitious plans to extend its business from a Malta centric customer base to deliver value from and to countries all over the globe. We will be taking the business from consistent growth rates averaging 25%-30% per annum for the last 5 years, making it by far the largest (white collar) talent business in the local market to 100% p.a. in the next 5.

The world has become a smaller place and the structural need our augmented platform addresses is estimated to be some 85 million unfilled Tech positions globally by 2030.

Whilst the world returns to office work, Castille will be shifting to a remote first modus operandi which will align our local teams with fully remote top-tier software teams operating from 12 countries and counting, in a fully remote model. We will be investing significantly in internal IP in Technology interfacing with world class systems, to develop unique customer experiences. Our HQ office (Casa Leone, Floriana) will be re-configured to house more meetings, collaboration, Tech meet-ups and co-working rather than permanent work stations. We will have a similar set-up for our people in Mauritius our 2nd regional hub.

With our remote first model, Castille will be championing Diversity in Tech and Finance whilst also minimising carbon footprint, causes Castillians are very passionate about.

Huge challenges ahead but I look forward to the exciting journey with our tightly knit, battle hardened management team.