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Remote working – a COVID-19 Phenomenon?

over 1 year ago by Matthew Camilleri
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​Remote working – a COVID-19 Phenomenon?

There is no doubt in my mind that COVID-19 is the driver behind several hundred million people switching to remote work in the last few weeks, however the reality is that in specific skills areas such as Software and Data, remote and distributed teams have been trending for the last couple of years to the point that they have been broadly considered main stream for some time now.  Internationally this modus operandi is very well established, whilst in Malta some companies have been ahead of this curb for a number of years.

Through our Castille Labs proposition we have developed a platform model which attracts thousands of candidates per month, who sit for our internal technical assessment centre and whom we provide to clients as dedicated Castille Certified remote Software and Data Teams.  Our clients, which range in size and sector, partner with Castille to provide these top tier, robust and scalable teams to compliment their own internal capacity and capabilities.  Our qualified and dedicated teams also build, manage and retain domain knowledge to ensure hiring, scaling and replacing is done seamlessly with little to no disruption to our clients’ ops. Our customer experience is extremely strong compared to international service providers as evidenced by our client retention rate which has exceeded 90% over the last 10 years.

As a response to the crisis, we are now sharpening our focus to provide clients with our top tier teams on a more cost efficient and flexible basis to support companies in continuing their Digital journeys which have never been more pressing.   

We are able to do this by sourcing people across different and less common geographies but retaining our strict certification process and quality mark.

The process is simple and based on one monthly invoice from our Malta based entity. This collaborative partnership allows companies to focus on their core business, while trusting their partner to secure, retain and grow the right software skills required to underpin the achievement of their strategic business objectives.

The world of work will never be the same after this crisis and in my opinion the positives are that companies will gain better access to more robust, diverse and sustainable teams in the harder to find skills.

Keep safe and productive.