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Investments in Data Analytics for Digitisation in 2020

almost 2 years ago by Luigi Muscat Filletti
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Data management continues to prove an essential component of cutting-edge business strategy now more than ever. As organisations pursue top talent in tech, the digital age continues to see a steady stream of investments being made in Data Analytics technologies by companies across all sectors to spearhead their digitisation efforts.

The rise of awareness in such an area of skill and technology is passing on greater responsibility to IT leaders worldwide for them to meet data analytics needs and requirements to excel digital transformation for better customer retention, increased data segmentation and business growth. Such advancements are resulting in a steady increase in tech jobs in Malta. Below, we take a glimpse into the data analytics trends influencing global sectors.


Big Data is Defining Business Strategy

Data continues to drive all decision-making activities in today’s fast-paced business world. So much so, that the talk of Big Data has evolved from a business hype to a mainstream adoption, and now into a crucial tool for company operations to optimise business strategy. CTOs and CIOs are not only proactively sourcing the best tech talent available, but are also making it a point to firstly introduce the latest data technologies to develop and sustain an effective data management plan. As business processes evolve, priorities progress to initiate the freshest technologies and attract the right expertise, as business managers in tech strive to incentivise such bold changes within multiple departments of their organisation. Such actions tend to involve discussions with higher authorities in the business, opening up in-house collaboration opportunities. 


Machine Learning Excels BI

Businesses are becoming more empowered by the abilities of machine learning technologies to drive valuable insights and significantly improve data management. As a result, the Data Analytics and BI market continue to expand and mature. Businesses are searching to make the most out of these tech advancements to increase automation for particular tasks, ones particularly associated to analytics for data management and insight discovery. The end objective of such investments would be to ultimately communicate the gathered data insights across all lines of the business to maximise vision alignment and better execute strategy. With more attention being made towards creating a more dynamic user experience, data analytics will prove of utmost importance to shaping the right approaches to collecting and making intelligent use of data. 


Ethical Technologies Ensuring Trust

Companies are rapidly leveraging customer data to drive decision-making, meaning that customer trust around the practice of of data collection and implementation is in itself becoming a more important priority for companies to safeguard and uphold. Customers expect their data to be in safe hands at all times and across all touch-points, pushing companies to heavily priorities in ethical and responsible data management techniques. Companies are forming toolsets which help their employees identify any ethical concerns when making decisions amidst the data-driven world. With data being collected, analysed and implemented within mere seconds, organisations must ensure that it is handled professionally and within the right context. By enforcing ethical technologies through AI and machine learning, organisations can set up the right structures to safeguard their customers’ data effectively. Data anonymity and data masking is becoming a more widespread practice to reduce the chances of data being exposed or mistreated. Data governance is thus being better recognised for companies to make certain that their data flow is being channeled properly and for the right reasons. 


All in all

Technologies are continuously being developed to drive decision-making across all organisations, as business leaders are preparing the right foundations to bring on board the best technologies and attract top talent to their doors. With companies continuing to invest in analytics to support their digital transformation goals, the adoption of data analytics technologies and expertise has become pivotal to driving growth.