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Sales and Negotiations Tips

almost 2 years ago by Charles Legrand
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It's interesting that we start negotiating at a very early stage in our life. We also start selling at a very early age. (Watch kids when they are reasoning with adults - their parents, teachers or family). They have no 'baggage' and are fearless. That can be taught and that's what you will learn on this course. You will also benefit from the interaction and role plays in a safe environment where you can share your experiences and learn new topics. 

When we get into a work environment we sometimes 'don't follow up on our instincts, most likely due to various hurdles and challenges'. I have over 40 years collected various tips, advice and winning approaches. Having spent over 40 years in Banking and Financial Institutions - I will share these skills during the course and add some others.

Book your seat now: https://www.castilleresources.com/events/sales-and-negotiation-for-financial-institutions-part-1-of-2-1