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Investigative Interviewing: Focus on Financial Crime

about 2 years ago by Ian Ross
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Fraud, corruption and money laundering.  Unique among crimes. Therefore interviewing 'sophisticated' professionals goes above and beyond the engineering of confessions by inane 'interrogation' and other malpractice, and second to this, the banal chasing of 'points to prove'.  Added to a casual approach to witnesses; these are interviewing habits exercised by those who struggle with financial crimes involving 'officialdom' and self-enriching behaviour.

Down the 'ladder', interviewing a mid-manager equally often entails a futile attempt to over-simplify the case to suit the interviewer's personal agenda.

On the other hand is fear. To some, the prospect of interviewing persons in a 'complex' case ends it there and then.

So for us, detection of lies and deceit imbues with unpicking repetitive 'business speak' and clusters of dialogue that disclose knowledge of THAT crime that only the offender can have.  A knowledge of the business backdrop is also a must.

Our training will also equip you to deal with 'numbers people' and bombastic conversational bullies.

The above is merely part of our achievable, structured training programme of investigative interviewing with a 'focus' on financial crime'