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Castille CEO Matthew Camilleri & Talent Acquisition in the Future of Work

almost 2 years ago by Luigi Muscat Filletti
Castille Malta Matthew Camilleri

Castille yesterday participated at the Blockchain Business Breakfast hosted at the Chiliz Blockchain Campus, where Castille CEO Matthew Camilleri discussed how organisations can attract and retain tech talent amidst the Blockchain era of the digital age. Speaking about talent acquisition in the future of work, Mr Camilleri made points regarding the current global market conditions for specialised talent, mentioning the drivers for shortages of talent supply as well as the mitigating factors currently being recognised. 

In this Castille feature video of the event, Mr Camilleri explains how the complexities of evolving industries are causing a rapid shift to the skills required by companies, and how this is making it incredibly challenging for the traditional education sector to catch up. In addition, he explains how limitations on worker mobility is also a driver for talent shortage, from personal to logistical reasons. On the other hand, he goes on to mention that over sixty percent of Castille’s tech placements in Malta are foreign, whether they are individuals coming directly from overseas or if they are foreigners currently in Malta making a job change.

Mr Camilleri also discussed how the importance of how proactive recruitment is essential for the future of work. Making a reference to the sports industry, Mr Camilleri applied their methods of understanding what they need from a strategic perspective in order to better scout ongoing talent. Ultimately, he explains, this would result in filling a pipeline of talent which could be used effectively when needed. Such methods, Mr Camilleri believes, are the go-to practices on how talent acquisition should be run in a candidate-driven market going forward.