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Castille at Chiliz Blockchain Business Breakfast 2020

over 1 year ago by Luigi Muscat Filletti
Castille Chiliz Blockchain Business Breakfast

Castille yesterday participated at the Blockchain Business Breakfast hosted at the Chiliz Blockchain Campus, where Castille CEO Matthew Camilleri, Castille COO Gilbert Galea and Head of Castille Learning, Ritienne Bajada, discussed the challenges, current solutions and upcoming opportunities to sourcing, attracting and retaining tech talent in the digital age, as well as methods on how companies can effectively sharpen their competitive edge through digital transformation and up-skilling their workforce. The event was excellently hosted by Chiliz who provided an exceptional venue, complemented by a variety of delightful breakfast bites and drinks. 



Castille CEO Matthew Camilleri & Talent Acquisition in the Future of Work

After a networking session, the event properly kicked off with Castille CEO Matthew Camilleri discussing how organisations can attract and retain top tech talent in the digital age amidst the challenges and opportunities of the Blockchain era. Mr Camilleri spoke about talent acquisition in the future of work - from current global market conditions affecting talent demand and supply, to the drivers and mitigators of such talent in today’s candidate-driven market. 

Castille CEO, Matthew Camilleri, discussing at the panel of the Blockchain Business Breakfast.


Castille COO Gilbert Galea & Opening the Door to Innovative Talent Collaboration

Castille COO Gilbert Galea discussed alternative models towards robust and scalable tech teams, going on to explain how organisations can continue maintaining their competitive edge in the market whilst effectively transforming their core. Mr Galea spoke about efficient and intelligent solutions to the high attrition rates of tech talent, by embracing current and upcoming working trends through the enabling of flexible working, adopting employee-driven strategies, and opening the door to innovative talent collaboration opportunities, particularly by investing in remote software development teams

Castille COO, Gilbert Galea, speaking about alternative software talent acquisition models at the Blockchain Business Breakfast.


Castille Head of Learning Ritienne Bajada & Up-Skilling the Workforce through Bespoke Coaching Solutions

Ritienne Bajada, Head of Castille Learning, also featured at the breakfast event as part of the Castille line-up for the panel discussion alongside Mr Camilleri and Mr Galea, where she discussed how Castille is working on a number of coaching projects for up-skilling workforces in organisations across the sectors of Tech and Finance to address their skills gaps. In relation to Blockchain, she explained that Castille Learning continues to make strides forward by keeping up to date with companies who are developing their efforts towards Blockchain integration as well as individual professionals in tech who are trying to make a move into this sphere of technology.

Castille Head of Learning, Ritienne Bajada, discussing Castille Learning's vision towards up-skilling the workforce through bespoke coaching.


The panel engaged in an interesting discussion on hiring, hunting and retaining tech talent in the Blockchain era, and concluded with a Q&A session for attendees to ask questions and voice their concerns and opinions on the topics of the morning. 

Castille thanks Chiliz for hosting a successful event and thanks all panelists, speakers and attendees for participating.