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Blood Donation by BOV employees

almost 2 years ago by BOV
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41 BOV employees registered to donate blood during the third Blood Donation Drive organised this year by Bank of Valletta in collaboration with the National Blood Transfusion Service. The Mobile Blood Donation Unit was stationed next to BOV Centre in Santa Venera.  Employees participating in this blood drive were presented with a thank you gift as a sign of appreciation.

Donated blood is crucial in the support of a wide range of medical conditions, treatment of babies and young children; women who lose blood due to childbirth and major operations. Blood feeds the body and organs with oxygen and nutrients that are essential for survival. A bag of donated blood is processed into three products: Red Cell Concentrate; Plasma; Platelets, and can thus help save three lives. 

Dr Alex Aquilina, Director of the National Blood Transfusion Service thanked BOV management and employees for being generous and for responding once again to the constant appeal for donating blood. “An average of 50 blood bags are needed daily, so we never get tired in reminding people on the importance of blood donation. If blood is not readily available, injured people will lose the chance to survive. Moreover, patients suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer might end up having their medical treatment, including blood transfusions, delayed”.

By donating blood, one’s health is not affected and prior to each blood donation, a medical check-up is carried out determining whether a person is fit enough and eligible to donate blood. Eligible male donors aged from 18 to 65 may donate at least every three months, while females may donate every four months (every 3 months following menopause).

“Being a hero is not in reach for most of us but we can be of great help for someone in need by either giving blood or by coordinating a blood drive,” said Jes Sciberras, organiser of the BOV Blood Donation Drive.

The Mobile Blood Donation Unit visits various localities and places of work during the year, facilitating recruitment of new blood donors, especially those with limited free time. The mobile unit collects approximately 3000 units of blood per year and is an important source of blood collection.

To be a hero and organise a blood drive or donate blood, visit the National Blood Transfusion Service in Pietà between 8am and 6pm, www.facebook.com/bloodmalta or call on 8007 4313 or 7930 7307 for more information.

Source: https://www.bov.com/News/bank-of-valletta-staff-donate-blood-to-help-save-lives