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Finance Jobs Malta

Financial Job Opportunities in Malta

about 2 years ago by Eamonn Mifsud
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The financial industry in Malta has seen an exponential growth in the past 30 years, although Malta’s financial sector is relatively new compared to the financial sectors within other countries, the industry itself is thriving. As a result of its growth, new finance jobs have emerged in Malta, in aim of providing specialised services to select clientele. Firms that cater to the local market are only a fraction of the Maltese financial industry as a whole, in reality there are many financial firms in Malta that just cater to foreign clients, further contributing to the industry.


Why Malta?

For individuals seeking to find a job in the financial sector, Malta is definitely a country that should not be ignored. Apart from being in the middle of the Mediterranean, having great weather all year round, along with a great all round culture, Malta also has many opportunities for people wishing to find a job within the financial sector. Malta offers a highly professional work-force which is mostly English speaking to say the least. Finding a Finance job in Malta will also guarantee security and also stability due to the thriving industry and the constant need for financial roles, offering many benefits in return. Malta is also the ideal place to find a finance job in, due to the economy growth currently taking place in the island. in 2017, Malta’s FDI stock was recorded at €165.5 billion (June), while the unemployment rate was at just 4.0%.


Opportunities within the sector

When it comes to finding financial roles, there are many opportunities to enroll in. Corporate finance, financial advisory, investment finance, collection & loan professionals are all opportunities which a finance professional may seek to take up when heading to Malta. With two major banking giants also present in Malta, one being local and the other being a well reputed company, a big portion of the financial opportunities within Malta rely on them. However, financial jobs outside of banking are definitely also evident with many other opportunities.


How to land a finance job

The finance industry itself is not just for individuals who consider themselves to be good with numbers, on the other hand, the finance sector is open to individuals with all sorts of skills in order to contribute to the growing industry. Getting a finance job in Malta is not all about the degree, although it is important. Any financial related degrees are sufficient enough to get you into the industry, the specifications and what the degree is related to is not that important. Although specific roles require specific degrees, to be successful within the finance industry, there is no particular degree required to have in hand.


What are the benefits of working within the Finance Industry?

A financial professional is bound to reap the benefits that come with the job. In the finance industry, salaries are moderate to generous, especially if you are able to find yourself a position within a foreign company which is basing itself in Malta. Although bonuses and initiatives are not that common, unless you’re working in a well establish company, the ability to be promoted based on merit is evident. However, although salary is the biggest incentive when it comes to finding a job, there are many other benefits that one should look into that will further allow them to progress within their financial career.


Since the financial industry is so widespread and vast in Malta, the networking possibilities are endless. The connections that an individual makes within a company are definitely there to benefit them down the line, possibly even if the individual were to apply for a different or with a different company. The transferrable knowledge and skills that you acquire from within a role will definitely be useful to you if you were to in fact want to make the switch to a different role.