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Castille BI & Big Data Q&A 2019

about 2 years ago by Luigi Muscat Filletti
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As Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data continue to transform the way companies manage and develop their data, the demand for professionals in Tech continues to grow across various sectors, generating further jobs in Malta in fields of Tech. 

Castille Senior Tech Consultant Veronique Amaira shares her thoughts and insights on the technological shift being recognised by current and upcoming technologies, and what this means to recruitment and talent acquisition. 

Castille Labs General Manager Gilbert Galea sheds further light on the subject by providing industry-related insight about the influences of digitisation. 

The following areas and more are discussed in further detail in the report:

BI & Big Data Careers in the Local Market 

Veronique states that Big Data careers are not bound to one specific industry, but rather contribute to a number of industries, from Financial Services to Manufacturing and the public sector. When comparing to previous years, Veronique mentions that the demand for Big Data skills recorded by Castille has rapidly increased over the last couple of years alone. She goes on to say that the supply of Tech professionals in Malta is still to satisfy the demand, as organisations continue to strive for ways to benefit from the fruits of the digital age. 

BI & Big Data Skills in-Demand

Veronique explains how Castille’s clients are asking for specific skillsets as they search for top talent on the job market. Apart from hard skills such as technical knowledge and experience in softwares such as Apache Hadoop, Hive and Spark, which Gilbert expands further on in this feature, soft skills in critical thinking and interpersonal skills are also of utmost importance for these positions. 

When asked about whether the current job market possesses the skillsets required by local companies, Veronique replied by stating that although the job market is made up of very good candidates, it is still challenging to find candidates who tick all the boxes. Whilst candidates should do their best to stay up to date with emerging technologies, companies should create programs to satisfy their skills gap, supposedly through mentorships and internship opportunities.

BI & Big Data Salaries in Malta

Turning towards a salary perspective, Veronique explains that salaries for Big Data profiles is always more attractive when compared to other Tech jobs in software development in Malta. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that salaries vary because of factors such as company size and industry. 

Moreover, Gilbert mentions that companies should keep in mind the importance of developing a data strategy in today’s digital age, and that companies need to back up Big Data roles in time and budget, finding a balance between business project delivery and settling on the right platform.

Future of BI & Big Data

All in all, Big Data Engineering, Big Data Analytics and BI roles will grow in demand, especially as sectors of Fintech, Regtech and Insurtech continue to evolve which will encourage professionals in Tech to keep familiar with the ever-changing technological landscapes of their industry. 

Read the full Q&A here.