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Why You Should Hire an Intern within Your Company

about 2 years ago by Eamonn Mifsud
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Whilst higher education’s purpose is that of preparing its students to reach success in their careers, certain professional and life skills can still be absent from an academic course that could only be obtained from the workplace itself. At the same time, the job market is competitive, both for employers and recent graduates trying to find full-time employment. Thus, internships are becoming an integral part of a company, with the company and the interns themselves benefiting both from an internship program.  


Benefits to the intern  

One of the struggles that a graduate can have when trying to find full-time employment is that of not having sufficient experience to secure the job that they are applying for, or enough to even apply for the position itself in the first place. An internship helps to build an individual’s CV, especially since companies seek ample experience when searching for the right candidate.  
Internships are also available to students that are still studying and did not yet graduat - who wish to gain some experience or earn some money whilst studying. Internships whilst studying also help students transition better into the work culture without having a shock down the line - from attending University, to working for a company 8 hours a day. 

When applying for a job, a graduate that has gone through an internship position has the edge over his fellow graduates that solely have an academic past on their CV. Having first hand experience in a working environment allows the intern to not only build confidence in a professional setting but also familiarise themselves with the strengths and weaknesses within their skillset when it comes to be applied within the industry itself.  

Individuals getting themselves into internships are also able to decide whether the chosen career path suits them well. This allows them to see whether they are the perfect fit for the position before committing themselves to an actual position within a company. The last thing that one would want is to end up digging their own hole within a role that does not fit them, or putting the company in an unfair position because they have to go through the recruitment process over again.  

If the individual sees that they are on the right path, they may in fact not only gain experience from the internship program itself, but also have a full-time position offered to them within the company. In fact, the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ in the United States found that 67.7% of interns were later offered full-time positions within the company

Networking is also a very favourable outcome from any internship, building the list of contacts will definitely help in the long run, especially throughout a professional’s career. Networking in the workplace allows to create even further opportunities. 

Internship benefits towards your company 

With many companies finding competition for talent acquisition and finding the correct person to fit the role that they require within a company, starting an internship program could be the right way to tackle the problem. By making use of an intern, whether the intern is paid or not, you are able to increase the pool of talent in which they can hire from in the future. Although an intern should not be used to replace a full-time employee, an intern could adapt well to your company’s culture and if the intern proves to be a great fit for the role and of a sufficient standard, you could end offering the intern a full-time position.  

In fact, interns who have just graduated are able to bring academic knowledge to your company, also updating the company’s industry knowledge and see what is being educated within Universities. With the rise of digital innovation and with the direction being that everything is converted to a technological format, young students could be well informed with digital gadgets and how to make use of them to their advantage.  

Apart from giving the intern experience within the industry, in return you can also have a helping hand who would also be able to assist other employees by reducing their workload, learning to do minimal tasks, gradually increasing their knowledge. In return, employees within your company would be able to produce better work with a smaller workload as they would be focused more on the select projects that they have. In reality, having an internship program will also broaden the experience of your senior employee’s, gracing them with even further managerial and leadership skills. 

An intern within a company is bound to give you a good return on the time you have invested in them as they are eager to impress their colleagues and your company’s executive in order to possibly secure a job within the company in the future. If the job is in the creative field, interns would have the possibility to broaden their portfolios and add valuable works produced for real campaigns.