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Remote job opportunities

over 2 years ago by Eamonn Mifsud
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Remote jobs are becoming a global trend, with an astonishing 63% of employers making use of them. Remote work allows professionals to be employed on a full-time or part-time basis within an organisation and still be able to carry out work from the convenience of their own home or location. Remote working, also known as teleworking, allows for individuals to increase their work-life balance along with having many other benefits. Taking these factors into consideration, remote jobs in Malta are also increasing, especially with the growth of the iGaming industry.

Talent Acquisition

With talent being scarce and employers finding it very difficult to always fill the roles necessary within their team, remote jobs are ideal to find such talent as the pool of talent is endless. With the talent being limited and candidates now also having more of a say on where they wish to work - remote jobs allow every party to benefit from the situation. Especially in Malta, which compared to other countries has a small population, talent can be sourced from overseas. On the other hand, Maltese individuals are also to acquire a remote job from abroad.

Work-life Balance

Remote work does not constrain individuals to a daily 9-to-5 schedule, and this allows them to balance other tasks and responsibilities in the meantime. Remote workers are also able to assort their workload accordingly - if an employee is unable to work for a full day, they are able to shift the workload onto another day - as long as deadlines are met and the work is produced. Remote workers are not conformed to working a strict set of hours each day and can be more flexible in their lives when it comes to other tasks.

Benefits of the company

The benefits that come from remote working are not only received by the employees themselves, but also by the employers of course. Employers that promote remote working are bound to reap the benefits from it, with a Stanford University study revealing that sick-leave was applied for less than those who work in the office and in fact, were 13% more productive than them. Remote work-friendly companies are also able to reduce many costs that are required to run an office on a daily basis. With a portion of employees working remotely, companies are able to reduce office space, bills and also office supplies that a professional requires.

Cutting down on costs and benefitting the environment

Remote jobs allow the employees to cut down on costs and be able to save up more money above their wage, along with benefiting the environment in the meantime.

  • Transportation - In Malta, the most common way to commute is by car. With the continuous increase in traffic, car maintenance and fuel costs are bound to dent the bank. Apart from the costs, the contribution to traffic and carbon dioxide emissions on our streets are also negative effects which could be avoided with remote work.
  • Food - Although packed lunches could be a viable way of eating healthy and cutting on costs, eating from a nearby snack-bar or taking a vending machine break is bound to happen from time to time. As a remote worker, with the ability to eat at home allows time to plan meals from beforehand and cook them on spot. Any plastics used in the packaging of food consumed at work would also be reduced.
  • Clothing - Work attire is very important in the workplace as a factor that can set you apart as a professional. However, working remotely does not entail one to wear a certain type of uniform or a type of clothing. With fewer rotations needed for work in your wardrobe, the cost of clothes can not only be reduced, but also the amount of laundry needed.
  • Childcare - Parents in Malta already benefit from many childcare schemes where they are able to take their children to a childcare centre for free or for minimal costs. Remote work allows parents to take care of their children themselves, without any issues that may arise within the childcare centre, whilst also being able to spend more time with their kids.
  • Travelling - Employees would also be able to travel more frequently since they are able to work directly from their laptops. The ability to take advantage of long plane flights or train rides by working in that allocated period of time is also a possibility.
  • In fact, to obtain a remote job in Malta, you do not need to reside in Malta at all. Although some jobs only allow some hours to be worked flexibly from home.


Remote jobs in Malta are bound to increase, as overall they prove to be beneficial to both the company and the individual. Working remotely is definitely a big part of how companies will operate in the future, especially with companies already deciding to fully shift their roles to remote work. Individuals looking to land a remote job in Malta are able to find various opportunities.