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Banking jobs in Malta

over 2 years ago by Eamonn Mifsud
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Whatever particular talents an individual may possess or past experiences and educational background they may have obtained, banking careers are available to individuals from all walks of life. With the banking sector having a wide range of jobs and opportunities within a thriving industry, finding a banking job will allow a professional to broaden their future opportunities and be able to have guaranteed stability.  


Why Malta for banking? 

For individuals seeking to find a banking job, Malta is the ideal place. Apart from being in the middle of the Mediterranean, having great weather all year round, along with a great all round culture, Malta also has many opportunities for persons wishing to find a job within the banking sector. Malta offers a highly professional work-force which is mostly English speaking to say the least. Finding a banking job in Malta will also guarantee security and also stability due to the thriving industry and need for banking roles, offering many benefits in return. With two major banking giants in Malta, one being local and the other being renowned worldwide, the opportunity for banking jobs in Malta is evident and are not going to decrease any time soon. Many small banking firms are also basing themselves in Malta due to the benefits Malta offers, creating even further jobs for the Maltese individuals or individuals seeking to base themselves in Malta.  


Opportunities within the sector 

Although to many when thinking of a banking job, a cashier or customer service representative comes to mind, however, there’s a wide spectrum of roles available for individuals wanting to find a banking job in Malta. Some of which include: consumer banking, commercial banking, trust & investment banking, accounts. Of course, roles within the bank sector also exist which may not have a banking or financial foundation, such as: human resources, technological systems & security, marketing and also compliance. 


How to enter the banking sector 

With the banking sector not having any particular demands when it comes necessary skills, it is fairly straight forward for individuals seeking to start a career within the sector. Nonetheless, having sufficient educational qualifications will not only assist the job applicant when it comes to initially being hired, but also when seeking to be promoted down the line. Having additional qualifications such as specific financial and mathematical certificates are definitely a plus towards your application. Having a clean and well groomed look will also be taken into consideration, to further help the banking firm’s image of being a trusted and secure establishment. 


Artificial Intelligence’s impact on banking jobs 

With digital innovation and the constant development of artificial intelligence, many individuals are concerned that their career path decisions may end up becoming futile down the line, with concerns also coming from the banking sector. However, with artificial intelligence with regards to its relationship to the banking sector, banking jobs are not at any threat. This is because, the current way that banks are currently making using of Artificial Intelligence is not of any interference to their employee’s roles. In reality, Artificial Intelligence is being used to detect fraudulent activity and money laundering, being successful in both aspects. This in turn assists the roles of current employees, one example could be that of investigators within the banking firm. With Artificial Intelligence detecting fake leads towards such fraudulent activity, investigators are able to give more focus on the remaining leads that they receive, allowing them to be able to come to conclusions within their investigations. 


What are the benefits of working in the banking sector? 

Individuals that are able to land themselves a banking job are also bound to reap the benefits that come along with the position. The banking sector allows for a wide range of jobs and experiences, along with opportunities for growth, both locally and abroad. With banking firms being very executive and known for having a very high standard of professionalism, employees are molded and given the attributes needed for any professional setting. A banking job gives early responsibility to the select individual, placing them in the professional state of mind. 


Banking roles offer great working conditions including very comfortable working hours, due to the traditional opening hours of banks, working in the morning till early afternoon, with then being able to possibly work remotely at home or have the rest of the day free. Apart from great working conditions, banking roles also offer many other benefits such as great retirement options and incredible loan interests rates, with some banks also offering no interest rates on employee loans. Constantly working amongst retirement plans, loans and other financial schemes also allow the individual to educate themselves on how they are to treat their financial income. A banking job allows the individual to be constantly surrounded with valuable knowledge that will help them on their pursuit towards financial freedom. 


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