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5 Ways to Attract & Retain Tech Talent

over 2 years ago by Luigi Muscat Filletti
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Over the past few years there has been a recognisable growth in the demand for roles in technology - jobs in tech have progressed and become more varied in nature, making way for various areas of expertise to cover specific tasks. As the digital age continues to develop, the surging demand for professionals in tech is significantly outweighing the supply of available talent. 

However, before the recruitment phase, companies should keep in mind the methods for retaining talent. Talent retention in today’s digital world must be considered before talent acquisition, and rightly so. The reason being is to make candidates feel warmly welcome and part and parcel of the company and its culture from the very start of the recruitment process, which begins with a simple first impression. When looking for a job opportunity, from a recommendation to an online search or word of mouth, a first impression goes a long way. In this context , a first impression may take various forms, however regardless of the form, companies should know that they can control each impression by maintaining an employer brand which is true and authentic to the organisation. 

Below, we take a look at five ways companies can form a great impression to attract and in the long-term, retain top talent. 

Values & Culture 

Moving beyond the consideration of salary, candidates want to know that they are in for a rewarding and holistic experience at their new workplace. From a comfortable working environment to positive employee interaction and engagement and opportunities for career progression, candidates need to feel they are valued from before the very first interview. Promoting a great and attractive employer brand is key in attracting top talent for the right reasons. The iGaming sector in Malta is renowned for introducing such attractive cultures, with jobs in tech in gaming in Malta having seen great acquisition rates due to the way that companies treat and  value their people. Promoting a sense of community and allowing employees the chance to make a difference and influence company growth and direction goes a long way in nurturing the overall professional as well as personal well-being of an individual. 


Tapping into your People’s Networks

Keeping up with digital trends is essential to attracting the right talent in tech, and keeping up with the professionals who set and influence those trends is just as important. This goes to say that a company should value the expert opinions of their people when searching for quality talent, and this is especially so within the sphere of technology. Professionals in tech, particularly within the same areas of expertise, tend to keep a closely knit network between them. Asking for recommendations or referrals is also a great way to get in touch with top talent, making more relevant contacts and building new relationships with people within your industry, adding to your company’s talent network. 



Nurturing your Current Talent

Finding the talent which fits all requirements is a great challenge in today’s job market, however, skills can be taught, which means that companies can strengthen their people’s hard skills in specific areas by organising initiatives such as workshops, setting up mentorship programmes as well as offering internship opportunities to develop young and upcoming talent. With the proper training in place, employees can eventually progress to take on greater responsibilities at the workplace, which promotes an employer brand which is considerate about its people’s development. Never does it go unnoticed when a company invests in its people, and doing so allows them to leverage themselves over their competitors in the market.


Collaborating with Universities

Especially true for companies investing in tech talent, its always a good idea to promote your employer brand to the upcoming generations of talent. Students following courses and degrees in evolving areas of tech such as Big Data, BI and AI are all prospective recruits with untapped potential. Evaluating such talent in tech and providing them with working opportunities at an early age is a great way of securing talent value. What is more is that industry trends continue to shape university curriculum, meaning that companies should be able to influence the what students are being thought, or at least be proactive to provide the right insight to them. By doing so, the company would be acting as a direct point of reference, which acts wonders for their employer brand.



Embracing the Gig Economy & Recruiting your Contractors

Talent acquisition remains a top priority for companies seeking to digitise their business operations and services, and with the evolving working cultures of the digital age influencing recruitment trends, companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of recruiting through the gig economy, which supplies top quality talent on project-based contracts. Such an approach makes sense for companies operating within industries of flexibly evolving landscapes influenced by technology, as digital objectives may require specific expertise on different areas of tech and may be carried out over contract-based periods. This is resulting in an on-demand system for tech talent, particularly popular across roles in technology, thus further evolving the nature of jobs in tech in Malta. With a highly competitive job market, apart from the traditional recruitment methods, companies are investing in this type of talent acquisition which enables them to strengthen connections and working relationships with diverse professionals in their industry. This therefore generates more quality career opportunities in tech for a wide range of professionals and also greatly contributes to a company’s employer brand. Moreover, by developing such working relationships over the years, the company could grow to create full-time vacancies for their contractors (freelancers) due to an increased demand for optimising their digital efforts.


The above examples are ways a company can position themselves as the employer of choice in a competitive job market which is becoming increasingly influenced by technology.

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