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4 Areas in the Health Sector Evolving through Technology

over 2 years ago by Luigi Muscat Filletti
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The pace of technology is driving change in all industries worldwide, with traditional practices being reshaped through the latest technological advancements of our time. The internal and external operations of organisations across multiple sectors are constantly evolving through the digital age as companies become increasingly more data-driven, generating more demand for tech talent and thus further jobs in tech in Malta.

Medical technology continues to drive change in the global health industries - from efficient information sharing between patient and doctor, to assistance in high-stake surgeries, technology is making waves to better the way people take care of their health in ways which are proactive in real time. Job opportunities in tech are thus steadily on the rise, as expertise in specific areas of technology are required to create the right tech infrastructures to drive innovation in this sector. 

Professionals in AI are gaining greater responsibility in setting the way forward, as this technology is orchestrating a wide range of medical processes - from medical devices to surgical equipment, scanning, real time monitoring and diagnostics, an abundance of medical products and services are becoming more effective and efficient through digitisation. 



Virtual Healthcare

Virtual Healthcare is an area of this segment of medical technology which is being invested in proactively, allowing patients and doctors to keep in touch digitally through video or messaging features. It is important to note that the IoT sphere is taking significant strides forward through great investments in wearable technology which monitors the user’s health 24/7, prompting them with health updates or notifications should anything irregular be realised. This is proving greatly beneficial for individuals with diabetes, for instance, who will have the ability to experience real time updates. A remarkable development has been done by Google, who have produced a smart contact lens that measures an individual’s level of glucose through their tears - such is an example of revolutionary technology in the health sector which is shaping people’s lives for the better. Tech professionals with expertise in AI and IoT will thus grow in demand due to the growing need for technologies which are responsive and responsible in monitoring and reporting the health of any single user. In addition, professionals seeking to progress their career in Big Data will also experience greater job opportunities in tech in their field of expertise, as cloud computing technologies will grow exponentially as user medical data must be collected and analysed in real time to ensure seamless services for digitised medical solutions. 




Nano-medicine is another interestingly progressive area influencing the tech industry - an evolving branch which is used to accurately diagnose and prevent diseases. This precise system minimises error and is working to achieve great objectives towards battling complex conditions, such as cancer. Thus, it is no surprise that investments in this area are being made, requiring a greater demand for professionals in tech in related fields of medical health and pharmaceutical studies to take the reigns in developing further this promising stream of technology, thus resulting in greater quality jobs in tech.


3D Printing

Another notable technology which is positively impacting health industries is that of 3D printing. The manufacturing of medical equipment and prosthetic parts is becoming faster and more accurate thanks to this technology, with more in-depth research being carried out to revolutionise the processes of tissue repair and organ transplants. Through this technology, career opportunities in tech branch out towards individuals with skills in 3D printing software and technology, as well as computer engineers who can enhance the performance of the hardware used to produce such products. 



Robotic Surgery

Remarkable progression is being done also in the fields of robotic surgery, as technology gains more ground in assisting doctors in the operating theatre to increase accuracy and precision in highly sensitive situations. Once more, careers in tech are being generated as big investments are being made to have such robotic technology integrated in such surgery processes. This technology has barely scratched the service, with great possibilities set to introduce themselves in the health sector. This means that professionals in AI will see plenty of job opportunities in tech within their field to progress the growth of this ever-evolving technology. 



Jobs in tech in the fields of AI and Big Data will continue to progress, as companies within the medical industries align their innovation objectives to shape a more accurate and sustainable future for health services. Top talent in tech will continue to be sourced for the health sectors of the world which strive to collectively improve medical services and experiences for all persons and all health conditions.