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How Companies can Ease the Tech Skills Gap

almost 3 years ago by Luigi Muscat Filletti
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It is certainly no secret that it is becoming harder for companies to hire Tech candidates with the desired skillset in today’s competitive job market. The growing impact of technology in today’s industries means that individuals working in Tech are becoming more in demand, thus increasing software development job opportunities across multiple sectors.

Opportunities in today’s fast-paced world are constantly evolving, as new Tech-based concepts are being applied to improve company operations, such as Cloud Computing and Big Data, which are being utilised by most organisations to better manage their data. Now, with Blockchain opportunities on the steady rise in Malta, individuals in the sphere of Tech can differentiate themselves by learning more about this evolving technology and how it is set to be distributed across a wide range of sectors. The supply of expertise in Blockchain Development is still on the low side, therefore in order to keep this technology in continuous motion, current individuals working in Tech must take initiative to learn more and apply their current skills to the Blockchain environment. That being said, the negative effects of the skills gap in Tech can be lessened and by doing so produce a generation of Techies who are embracing and making the most of the digital innovation of our time.

The rarity of finding a professional Blockchain developer is high, which increases the demand, thus making this expertise expensive to acquire. On another note, although colleges and universities are putting into place new specialised courses in the areas of Blockchain and AI in particular, it will take a few more years for them to bring forth the next generation of workers in these fields, who then again, would be lacking sufficient industry experience, making it unideal for companies who seek to push the technological boundaries as of present.

'By putting into place an effective learning program, a company will be allowing their employees to strengthen their current skills, showing them how to apply them to a greater picture and also learn new skills which can help them gain more knowledge in their field.'

It is therefore important for companies to take the right steps in educating and building their team from within. Such an initiative also enhances a company’s employer branding side by displaying ambition to develop and maintain a strong workforce to compete at the highest level. By putting into place an effective learning program, a company will be allowing their employees to strengthen their current skills, showing them how to apply them to a greater picture and also learn new skills which can help them gain more knowledge in their field.

How Can Companies Strengthen their Team Internally?

Companies could invest in setting up workshops and training programmes lead by professionals in the industry who specialise in areas such as Blockchain, Big Data, and AI to engage their staff with the new technologies being implemented in their sector and learn more about how these technologies are trending. This would keep employees in the know and allow them to sharpen their skillset, thus developing qualified talent further. This ultimately contributes to talent retention, as such a strategy would show how the company is ambitious about progressing their employees and shaping them into better prepared individuals for their career. Fundamentally, this would be a win-win situation, as this would offer value to employees by supporting them in the development of their skillset, to in turn apply their newly possessed skills to provide value to the company. Supplying employees with these types of initiatives is only the first stage of a successful process, however. In order to gauge the understanding of such educational efforts, companies should set into place objectives for their employees to complete by assigning them with related tasks to cover, helping them to implement what they are learning to a broader spectrum.

Therefore, farming talent is should be made more important than ever at this stage. Another way of strengthening the current workforce would be to set up internship programs with students who are currently completing degrees in areas such as Blockchain and AI, offering them the chance to put into practice that which they are learning during their course of studies. Additionally, this would contribute to the student’s learning curve and build a professional relationship between them and the company to provide them with the opportunity to work with the company full-time once they graduate. Once over, this type of scheme could build qualities of trust and commitment, essential to talent retention down the line.

All in all

Education is a crucial stepping stone for up-skilling a company’s current and upcoming workforce. Employees want to feel valued, and introducing them to learning opportunities helps them maintain a consistent approach to gaining knowledge about their industry and sector. Such an initiative should not go unnoticed especially due to the talent shortage being witnessed in the areas of Tech today.