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‘Talent Acquisition in Highly Competitive Areas of Skill’, an event organised by Castille in Mauritius.

over 3 years ago by Luigi Muscat Filletti
Professional recruiters at Castille office in Mauritius

Castille’s CEO, Matthew Camilleri, was in Mauritius to discuss ‘Talent acquisition in highly competitive areas of skill’, an event organised by Castille on the 20th August. The event, which was held at Eureka - La Maison Creole, Moka, was attended by a good number of HR Managers, Hiring Managers (CTO, CFO, Delivery Centre Heads, Development Leads and Financial Managers).

During the event, Mr. Camilleri discussed how current market conditions and candidate behaviours are affecting the traditional recruitment cycle, and how companies should deploy a strong employer brand and can partner with Castille on talent acquisition. With the rapid rate of digital innovation in various industries worldwide, particularly that of financial services, a great majority of leaders admit that this progress in technology is expecting the deployment of tech-based services which requires the acquisition of professionals in technology to take centre stage. That being said, CEOs in financial institutions will surely prioritise in the hunt for securing the best talent in technology over the coming years.

Pointing out the highest demand relative to the number of software development job opportunities available, Mr.Camilleri made reference to how the demand for qualified developers specialising in Cloud (Back End), iOS, Android and DBA (MySQL) greatly outweighs the supply, in contrast to the high supply of Wordpress and Desktop developers for whom there is a low demand.

The digitalisation of organisations is also driving major changes in work trends, resulting in an increase in remote interviewing and remote working when securing talent. A few points were raised regarding the behaviour of millennial jobseekers in today’s competitive job market - with most millennials saying that the workplace would gain in productivity should flexible working hours be put into place for employees, and hiring managers noticing more confidence in millennials when approaching a new job opportunity in terms of enquiring about salary, opportunity to progress, working hours and employee benefits.

Moreover, Mr.Camilleri also highlighted that the vast majority of candidates are seeking out resources both offline and online to help them evaluate an employer’s brand upon applying for a job, and in addition, they can find salary ranges for their field and location too. That being said, it is very important for companies to set an honest and consistent image of their company culture to communicate this clearly to candidates in the company’s quest to secure the best talent. This change in dynamics has affected traditional recruitment methods, with the traditional interviewing process proving not to be effective when assessing a candidate’s soft skills and understanding where their weaknesses lie. In addition to this, traditional interviewing techniques can create a long process and may not ask the right type of questions, with some interviewers also somewhat likely to be biased in their approach. Now, innovative interviewing techniques pay closer attention to examining soft skills through interactive tests which assess problem solving and decision-making, allowing employers to assess candidates at speed and scale. Job auditions are also slowly becoming the norm, as are meetings in casual settings and video interviews. Such alterations to the recruitment process allow for a more defined approach to shortlisting quality candidates. 

Making reference to the EY 2014 Sub-Saharan Africa talent trends and practices survey, Mr.Camilleri mentioned that findings show that the most important factor for attracting talent is the strength of the employer’s brand (75%), with an attractive and competitive salary following closely (62%), along with learning and development opportunities and job security (both 61%). Following that statement, Mr.Camilleri went on to the next stage of the talk which emphasised the importance of companies adopting a strong employer brand. This consists of distinguishing the company culture and employment model to those of the competitor, which can be done by targeting the right audience with the right stories, standing out from the crowd through company beliefs and values, delivering on one’s promises and confronting the facts obtained through data which can be used to better understand one’s audience. Furthermore, it is also important for a company to develop specific networks of candidates based on accuracy, honesty, data and engagement, with ongoing engagement being the key to retaining a warm line of candidates, along with using all employees as brand ambassadors.

Moving onward, Mr.Camilleri discussed that Castille has positioned itself as a reputable international network of talent, with its proposition to employers based on four main pillars, which are those of digital employer branding, specialist search and selection, managed talent solutions and learning.

The Castille Digital, being a specialist employer branding platform, is used to assist clients in building their brand for Castille’s network and beyond by using high quality, relevant content to maintain engagement within the network and generate professional development.

With regards to Castille’s Specialist Search and Selection services, this division is a talented and dedicated professional firm of consultants in structure and mindset who form a long-term and client-centric approach towards the relationships that Castille has with its candidates and hiring managers.

Speaking about Castille’s Managed Talent Solutions (Castille Labs), Mr.Camilleri explained how this division enables Castille’s clients to partner with Castille to form teams of professionals which are strong, stable and scalable, enhancing and strengthening their core human capacity. Castille Labs has seen proud achievements through successful partnerships in areas of Software development, QA, BI, Project Management, Compliance and Accountancy in sectors as diverse as Fintech, iGaming, Banking and Insurance, Telco and Corporate services, among others.

Lastly, Mr.Camilleri moved on to Castille’s learning arm, the Castille Institute, which focuses on practical training for professionals by experts within the Castille network of Tech and Finance in order to sharpen their skillset and develop their professional perspective. This is done through frequent events by recognised practitioners who share their knowledge and insight within a discussion-based and networking environment.

All in all, this event generated discussion on current trends in employee-driven markets and millennial mind-sets which have made traditional reactive recruitment processes a lot less effective, and how practical and realistic talent-resource planning is highly recommended to ensure a consistent flow of quality talent.

Furthermore, clearly identifying Castille as a leading brand offering specialist recruitment services in the sphere of Tech and Finance, employer branding, scalable staffing solutions and industry-specific training allowed HR and Hiring Managers who attended the event to understand the importance of such services to achieve higher performance and outstanding results.