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Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility - Employer Branding & Beyond by Dr Roberta Lepre

about 3 years ago by Anne Marie Gilson
Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility

Castille Institute is pleased to offer you a seminar on Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility - Employer Branding and Beyond scheduled to take place on the 18 September 2018. 

Customers are increasingly aware of the corporate impact on society and the environment, and are more likely to choose brands with a positive reputation. Forward-thinking business leaders who acknowledge this stand to gain by implementing ethical and responsible business practices into their operations and injecting a sense of purpose into their corporate culture. Besides complying with the law and enhancing brand image, a CSR strategy can also help businesses reduce costs in the long term. If developed strategically, a CSR plan can be a valuable tool through which to address some pressing and current business challenges, including the need to attract and retain valuable employees, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction, innovation, and staying ahead of the competition. 

This seminar will therefore delve into the meaning of CSR, steps that should be undertaken by companies who wish to integrate CSR into their operations, and explore ways on how to communicate with stakeholders effectively in order to achieve best results.


Programme Outline includes:

Understanding CSR

- Introduction to CSR – what is it and what does it entail? - 

- Brief historical overview 

- The 7 core areas as per ISO 26000 : Organisational Governance, Labour 

- Practices, Human Rights, Environment, Fair Operating Practices, Consumer Issues, Community Involvement and Development 

How to Implement CSR

- The CSR policy

- The CSR audit 

- The CSR action plan

- Training 

- Reporting

Communicating CSR

- Identifying and engaging with stakeholders, communicating commitments and measuring performance


Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility is being delivered by Dr Roberta Lepre.  Dr Lepre was admitted to the bar in 2004, after having spent two years in a leading law firm, during which time she gained experience in general civil and commercial law.  

Following that, she joined the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality as Legal Advisor. Between 2008 and 2017 she served as Director of Victim Support Malta, an NGO which provides support to victims of crime. Other past roles include serving as a member of the Guardian for Future Generations, a high level body set up under the Sustainable Development Act, Chairperson of the Platform for Human Rights Organisations in Malta, and member of the Commission on Domestic Violence.

Roberta set up Weave Consulting in 2007, as a boutique firm originally focusing on equality and diversity. Over the years, and following successful completion of various projects, Weave Consulting evolved to offer CSR services, particularly CSR audits to forward thinking companies – the offer being developed on the firm belief that a well implemented CSR strategy produces tangible solutions to a variety of challenges which business must overcome in order to remain competitive.

Candidates may be eligible to claim part of the cost incurred under the Investing in Skills Scheme.  

For further information check our learning page on www.castilleresources.com/events or send us an email on institute@castilleresources.com or call us on 20933280.