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Everyone is a Brand Ambassador

over 3 years ago by Christian Xuereb
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There are many organisations which believe that Branding is solely the work of the Marketing Department, and that operational or sales employees have nothing to do with the strategic or marketing efforts of the organisation.

This point of view, however, is one which is misleading, as every single employee in a business should be considered a brand ambassador. The attitude and behaviour of every employee whether through a phone-call, email, or meeting, will ultimately affect the way in which clients and other stakeholders view a business.

This becomes more important in sectors which are heavily service-oriented. The selection of talent in such sectors carries greater responsibility, with this talent acting as the direct point of contact or reference between the market and the brand they are working for. Every interaction helps shape or destroy the perception that the market has of a particular brand, its services and reliability levels.

It is therefore of vital importance that each business trains its pool of talent in understanding that each interaction is considered a ‘moment of truth’. While most employees will, in good faith, do their best to promote a good service, this goes beyond and requires of them soft skills related to problem solving, communication and follow-up techniques.

One must also keep in mind that in services, the audience which a business serves plays part of the service delivery, and as such, individuals will not always encounter ‘kind’, ‘friendly’, clients who are ready to cooperate. In this case, attitudes and behaviours need to be managed accordingly.

Choosing the right recruitment partner when selecting or augmenting a business’s team is crucial - help should only be accepted from people who are well experienced and have the right tools, as investment at this stage of the recruitment process can determine whether a business succeeds or fails. Training is another area to be taken seriously, and keeping a business’s workforce trained and updated with the latest industry trends will be sure to strengthen its operations.

Christian Xuereb is Brand and Marketing Manager at Castille - www.castilleresources.com