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A Guide to Information Technology Careers in Malta

over 3 years ago by Luigi Muscat Filletti
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Over the past few years, Malta has seen a steady growth in the Information Technology (IT) industry, particularly due to the progression of the iGaming industry in Malta which has been offering a handful of opportunities for careers in iGaming across various fields in Technology. Now, with the introduction of Cryptocurrency’s move to Malta, the IT industry is predicted to experience further growth through the number of tech roles required to fulfil companies’ operations within this emerging sector. What is more is that companies within the Financial Services are also expanding their workforce in Technology-based departments in order to operate within the growing sectors of Fintech and Regtech, thus presenting numerous career opportunities for professionals in Technology in Malta.

Why Malta for a Career in IT?

The call for talent is on a definite high, meaning that the growing demand for professionals in technology is presenting attractive and competitive salaries which help in acquiring the best talent for locals and foreigners alike - with Malta’s cost of living being relatively lower than those of other European countries, as well as the all-year-round beautiful sunny weather which is to be desired for, it’s no surprise that individuals from other EU nations are continuously looking to move to Malta to start a career in the IT industry. Not to mention that the work-life balance in Malta is also highly favoured - with sources of leisure and entertainment only minutes away, as well as English being an official language, individuals looking to relocate to Malta can easily make up their minds! With companies in Malta increasing their interest in enhancing their company culture, foreign individuals are more than welcome to add diversity to a company’s team, meaning that the recruitment of talented, foreign individuals within the IT industry is always on the table!

A Call for Skills and Talent

The IT industry therefore requires highly skilled individuals looking to form part of companies looking to grow. Individuals looking for careers in Software Development in Malta are highly sought after - professions within Software Development are probably the most desired at the moment, with skills in both Back-End and Front-End Development being required to take on specific roles in software development companies, software houses and tech roles in iGaming, to mention a few. Back-End skills in technological languages such as SQL, PHP and Python and JAVA are needed to search, set up and modify databases and drive websites, whilst Front-End skills in C#, HTML, CSS and Javascript are required to structure the dynamics and design of webpages. Talent in Computer and System Engineering is also in demand - the possession of skills in operating systems such as Windows and Linux are needed for companies to design and manage complex computational systems which address the running of their operations. Software testing to ensure that softwares are functioning as supposed to and in order to identify any occurring or potential problems also bring rise to expertise in Quality Assurance, with skills in software technologies such as Gherkin and Selenium being the most sought after. In addition, IT Security is also of high importance to well-established companies in order to strengthen their cybersecurity - softwares need to be designed and implemented to detect and prevent cyber attacks and security breaches, which brings forward the emerging sectors of Artificial Intelligence and Fintech which are creating more Tech opportunities in Financial Services.

Recruitment Opportunities in IT in Malta

All the above skills are in high demand as the the IT industry is becoming more relevant across other industries due to the growth of online services - the need to engage with customers through online platforms, manage their data and money responsibly, as well as offer them efficient payment solutions all within a safe and secure digital framework shows how the IT talent in Malta is forming a major role in the development of a competitive company which is looking to leave its mark. Hence, such organisations are offering professionals in Tech the employment opportunities they need to start careers in IT across a range of sectors. One of Castille’s featured employers, Credorax Malta, is a next-gen payment services company striving to excel within the Fintech industry, therefore requiring professionals in Tech to fulfil roles to optimise their position on the market. Similarly, Vodafone Malta and GO, both featured employers of Castille, are providing talented individuals in Tech more career opportunities in the Telecoms industry in Malta - creating a win-win situation, whereas the company would be acquiring highly skilled individuals who offer their technical services to the company, as the company gives back suitable financial rewards and employee benefits, such as Vodafone Malta’s Family Friendly initiative, all within an exceptional working environment, as mentioned by Leona and Emma from the Human Resources team at GO, who spoke about what working at GO is really about.

It is therefore no surprise that multiple industries like those of iGaming, Telecoms and Financial Services are looking to recruit talented individuals in IT to improve the way organisations are running and adapting to the growing changes which are being brought about through the technological advancements of our time.