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Software Development Trends & Career Opportunities

over 3 years ago by Luigi Muscat Filletti
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Various sectors of the Maltese economy are showing a steady growth and are being revolutionised by the latest advances in technology -  ranging from cryptocurrency’s move to Malta, to the increase in mobile computing and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence leading to greater career opportunities in Fintech and iGaming, to mention just a couple of industries which have benefitted significantly from modern digital innovation. As sectors continue to grow, the increase in job opportunities will too - with select fields being in high demand, the acquisition of talent is a top priority for companies which look to excel in their sector.

Software Development career opportunities in Malta are on the rise as companies seek to enhance their digital services to offer excellent solutions and experiences to their customers, meaning that the software development industry in Malta is sure to witness new trends which can be taken advantage of. Below, we take a look at the latest and upcoming trends in software development, how they will affect the local market and create career opportunities in the fields of Finance and Technology.


Demand for Blockchain Technology

Multiple businesses and organisations have started investing in blockchain technology to enhance their data systems, which consequently increases the need for talented software developers to jump on board. Thanks to the rise in popularity of Bitcoin, Blockchain is revolutionising the financial services industry locally and worldwide, allowing customers to complete online financial transactions instantly and efficiently without the need of costly intermediaries. Therefore, with the rise of mobile usage, from online banking to online gaming, expertise in blockchain software development offers a new career path within the computing industry, as companies look to provide their customers with alternative and better organised online payment solutions. As an example, by providing cryptocurrency payment options, the iGaming industry is enhancing its user experience by adapting to the growth of cryptocurrency in business. 


Implementing Artificial Intelligence

The adoption and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a company’s digital services is becoming the norm across major players in the industries of Finance and Technology. AI solutions are being integrated in the operations of companies in order for them to optimise  their customers’ user experience and security as well as the company’s growth through the reading and prediction of market trends and data, consumer behaviour and sale recommendations based on demographics. Credorax Malta, one of Castille’s featured employers, is an example of a leading Fintech company paving the way forward in online banking and payment solutions. A fast-growing company, Credorax Malta works to optimise user experience and security for online financial transactions, meaning that the recruitment of talent in technology is a main focal point in order to stay competitive and provide excellent digital services to their clients. Software developers specialising in AI would be tasked in improving user experience, particularly on mobile devices, by developing software to assist customers through updates on their account statements, notifying customers about payments to and from their account and giving them financial advice based on their income, expenses and spending behaviour, hence generating more career opportunities in the Financial Services. Furthermore, AI could be used to strengthen an organisation’s security as well as that of its customers, which leads to another branch of the software development industry.


Strengthening Cybersecurity

As the connectivity between users increases, so does the flow of their data, which brings about a call to put into place strong cybersecurity software to protect users’ data. Heightened concerns on online security is creating a need for individuals who are specialists in software development with a deep interest and growing understanding of cybersecurity software development. A major benefit of seeking a specialised career in cybersecurity is that all organisations will continue to update and monitor their cybersecurity, meaning that a career in this field is one which will most likely stay for good.


The Growth of Web Apps

With the increase of mobile usage and the vast percentage of browsing time being carried out on smartphones, the online presence of a company ultimately affects the rate of sales as a user browses through their website on mobile. Even though most companies have mobile apps available for free download on mobile or tablet devices in order for their customers to flexibly participate in the companies’ services, the importance of a mobile-optimised website is never disregarded, and so the introduction of web apps provide interactive and progressive features which allow a user to browse a website which creates the same experience as if it were a mobile app. Progressive web apps are being introduced to a vast range of companies - ones which operate e-commerce websites or provide online banking and finance opportunities are recruiting talented software developers to develop and design web-based solutions to make a company’s website easily accessible to its current and potential customers.


Introduction of IoT

IoT stands for Internet of Things, a new widespread concept which is based off networking devices which collect and share data to positively enhance a user’s immediate environment. Such devices could range from household appliances to vehicles, and they are all connected to online servers on the internet. Household appliances could be synchronised to operate according to the decision of the user through mobile apps on a smartphone, and even update the user in terms of consumption and performance. Such a surge in technological innovation will certainly create many job opportunities in ICT, as software developers will be needed to program these intelligent devices to empower the user. With this area of technology still relatively new, especially in Malta, individuals looking to start a career in software development could have the opportunity to delve into IoT should companies look to design such products locally.


To conclude

The latest trends in software development are certainly pushing the boundaries of the industry, amplifying the possibilities of innovation and thus requiring the necessary talent in order to do so - software developers are currently living in a time where they are being given numerous opportunities to shine and showcase their skills to move up the ladder in their field and become the next innovators in their industry.