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EU Law - The Essentials and Basics on Financial Services (29 May and 14 June 2018)

over 3 years ago by Anne Marie Gilson
Eu Law   The Essentials And Basics On Financial Services Castille Institute

"The complexity of the financial regulation, decision-making processes about financial market supervision and regulation have long remained obscure or presumed to most (established) FinServ operators.” European Union legislation is of paramount importance to the FinServ industries throughout the EU Member States and others who participate (directly or indirectly) in EU financial markets (RegTech, FinTech, InsurTech, Big Data intermediaries). Indeed, the majority of all policy making regarding the regulation of banks, insurance companies, investment services firms and a wide range of other financial institutions, financial market activities and financial market infrastructure in the EU is now made at EU level. It is essential for those participating and, more especially, advising financial institutions to have a good working knowledge of the processes by which EU evolved, how it affects those institutions, activities and the general market infrastructure. 

This is the course that will give you keys to new opportunities, without presumptions!"

The following course in Malta is split over 2 afternoons.  On the 29 May (Essentials) one will have the opportunity to go through the evolution of European Integration, The European Treaties, European Institutions, European Sytstems of Financial Supervision, The Post-Lisbon Framework and Sectorial policies.  On the 14 June (Basics on Financial Services) one will have the opportunity to go through EU Capital Markets Union, EU Common Market, Evolving FinServ, EU Consumer Protection and Introduction to the Digital Single Market.

EU Law - The Essentials and Basics on Financial Services is being delivered by Dr Stefan-John Berry,  a lawyer with a postgraduate specialisation in EU Commercial Law and over 17 years’ experience in the financial services industry.  Stefan commenced his professional career at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and later joined Lombard Bank Malta plc, a well-established and highly reputable local retail credit institution, where he helped set up and consolidate the Compliance, Risk Management and MLRO functions. He then moved on to Middlesea Insurance plc (part of the MAPFRE Group), where he has provided Compliance and Company Secretarial services to Maltese insurance and reinsurance companies that passport their products and services in the European Union. Thereafter, Stefan has been serving as Company Secretary, in-house Legal Counsel, Compliance Officer and MLRO with a number of MFSA-licenced institutions, authorised to passport their FinServ products and services to other EU Member States.

Stefan is also currently very involved in providing advisory services on Internal Controls for FinServ and FinTech licenced entities. He also coaches newly appointed and established Non-Executive Directors, who function on licenced and listed entities, and serves as Board member and General Secretary to both the Malta Association of Compliance Officers (MACO) and the Financial Institutions Malta Association (FIMA).

Who will benefit from this training?

  • Directors serving on Boards of licensed and commercial entities 
  • Company Secretaries serving on the Boards of (MFSA) licensing and commercial entities
  • Professionals involved in the FinServ industry (as a provider, regulator or advisor) 
  • Other personnel involved in providing (corporate) managerial and / or support functions 
  • Other public and private entities directly or indirectly recipient of EU Regulations 
  • Any other professional in a licensed entity, audit, consultancy and legal firm 
  • All other persons who wish to receive information on this subject 
  • People involved with legal entities and Boards 
  • (Local) Policy-makers and shapers 

For a detailed programme check our learning page on www.castilleresources.com or contact Castille Institute on 20933280 or via email on on institute@castilleresources.com.

Candidates may be eligible to claim part of the cost incurred under the Investing in Skills Scheme.  Click here for further information.