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Vodafone Ugwaljanza

almost 4 years ago by Luigi Muscat Filletti

Vodafone’s overall team as well as its senior leadership team is composed of fifty percent male and fifty percent female. This consistent statistic is maintained in order to promote the equality and ‘no discrimination’ values that Vodafone stands for, as well as encouraging diversity in gender throughout the workplace.

All Vodafone stores across the Maltese Islands have gender neutral signage at the doors of its restrooms to further share their high standards of equality, and to also put at ease individuals who might be hesitant or conserved about their gender identity. To top it all off, Vodafone Malta marched to the pride parade this year to further assure their employees as well as the public about their perspective on equality.

Vodafone Malta also offers unconscious biased training on a regular basis to all their managers. This practice helps Vodafone Malta with regards to its leadership and management across all sectors of its organisation. By making sure that all managers are trained equally, they will be able to lead and guide their teams in a steady and stable manner, and by doing so move forward with the same all-round mentality.

Employee satisfaction is measured in accordance to equality in their annual people survey. This system offers employees the opportunity to share their thoughts and express their views about the social and working environment at Vodafone. This method of recording employees’ contentment and their opinions about their daily working lives at Vodafone enables the company to nurture the equality concept they give so much attention to.

“These are a few examples of how Vodafone Malta walks the talk in terms of equality and diversity at the workplace.”

Vodafone Malta undergoes an exercise every year where they analyse the amount of male and female employees in the company to make sure that it is balanced. A comparison of wages is also compared between male and female employees who rank at equal levels and complete the same set of tasks, in order to ensure that there is no discrimination between them.

Vodafone Malta’s recruitment system boasts of being a transparent one with regards that there would be no difference whether the applicant is male or female.  Applicants are fairly judged in accordance to their qualities and attributes, and not by their gender position or appearance.

By assuring this, Vodafone Malta is opening their options of recruiting potential employees who are dedicated, hard-working and loyal, regardless of their gender status. This allows them to increase their chances of recruiting the best talent out there.

Vodafone Malta also possess a ‘Coming Out Guide’ and ‘Travel Safe Guide’ for their employees who are members of the LGBTQ+, a worldwide population of people united by their gender identities or sexual orientations that differ from the hero sexual and cisgender majority. By doing so, the company gets closer to understanding their employees to ensure that their working experience is as comfortable and content as possible. In addition to this, the working environment offered at Vodafone is one which does not only accept, however encourages diversity, summing up how other companies should follow in Vodafone’s footsteps to adopt and support such a concept of equality.

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