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Vodafone Family Friendly

over 3 years ago by Luigi Muscat Filletti

As a progressive company, Vodafone Malta appreciates the importance of enabling its employees to have a great work-life balance, since in turn they would be able to better contribute not only at their workplace, however in all other aspects of their daily lives. Employees who enjoy a stable work-life balance are seen to be more productive and mentally healthy, allowing them to better develop themselves in their career and personal life. Vodafone Malta has acknowledged this, and so has decided to move forward in a direction which assists its employees in possessing a routine which works best for them.

Vodafone Malta therefore offers its employees flexible working hours, meaning that there are no set times for an employee to enter or leave the place of work. This allows the individual to organise his or her time according to their own needs, whether those are personal or family related. In order for one’s work-life balance game to be on point, one must allocate the necessary time for leisure and exercise, along with time to be spent with family and friends. The overall happiness and peace of mind of an employee is reflected in the work they produce, and it is for this reason that Vodafone Malta has made this choice in favour of its employees. The company also provides its employees with the option of mobile working, where one is be able to work from home or any location they choose so long as they have an internet connection.

These ideas create a greater sense of liberty during the regular office hours, and also build on the qualities of trust and commitment of the employee, since the employee is responsible in completing his or her tasks correctly, leaving it entirely up to them to decide in which way they do so.

Vodafone Malta also offers a 17 week paid maternity leave for mothers who have recently given birth. In addition to this, once these mothers return from their maternity leave, the organisation is pleased about its scheme which allows them to work 30 hours weekly, however earn a wage equivalent to 40 hours. This scheme lasts for 6 months upon return to work and provides this section of employees the required time needed not only for taking care of their newborn children, however also to destress for a few extra hours during the working week. Vodafone Malta also provides mothers with a ‘Mummy Roster’ initiative, which applies to employees within the department working on a shift basis, who are mothers of children aged under 8 years. This section of employees are eligible to be excused from working evening to night shifts, to allow them to dedicate more time within their schedule to look after and spend time with their children and family.

Once again, Vodafone Malta evidently show their consideration and support to all persons they recruit by supplying them with the essential benefits to better shape their routine.

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