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Vodafone Belonging

over 3 years ago by Luigi Muscat Filletti

Vodafone strongly believes in empowering its employees by encouraging them to lead a consistent work-life balance and recognising their priorities to allow them to better shape their work routine. By liberating their employees, Vodafone are positively affecting their international brand and everything it stands for. This is because Vodafone lead by example - they show their employees that they care about their state of being and support them to progress in their careers and ventures in life. By doing so, they are motivating their employees to act in the same way in the workplace, managing and guiding the organisation to success. Employees who acknowledge the respect they are shown will act in a more positive manner and be more productive in executing daily tasks, enriching the growth of the company in the long-term. This well-knit sense of belonging is perhaps what helps the company stand out, since by empowering its employees, Vodafone is also in effect empowering its brand.

“I’m a determined person, and I feel that people celebrate and respect that. We cultivate in an environment where people feel empowered when they are true to themselves”

“Belonging means being part of a group of people that makes the world a better place”

Some of Vodafone employees share their views about the company’s support towards them and how they feel comfortable being who they are. The feeling of belonging runs deep, paired with the awareness of being recognised, further motivating them to be themselves. These employees are also conscious about the bigger picture which they form a part of, that by being present in the company’s daily affairs and concerns, no matter how big or small, they are essential to the overall success.

“I feel very free to be who I am, and that helps me accept other people.”

Collectively, success is achieved in steps - small, consecutive victories which lead to an achievement well earned. Vodafone’s employees understand that belonging means forming part of something worthwhile, working towards a common goal and being part of a team where everyone pulls their weight.

“Vodafone is a place where everyone can be themselves and where everyone can be different. I keep my uniqueness, but I’m part of a bigger scene.”

Colleagues are more than just workmates, they are friends, and customers are more than just purchasers, and they should be treated with outmost respect. Belonging means being in a community which works towards the same direction, or rather, towards the same destination, where the journey is just as important as the end goal.

“Belonging means something bigger than myself, to be part of a cause larger than you”

“We have a very strong community of friends and we all pull together.”

Vodafone strives to maintain employee satisfaction and empowerment, no matter their status within the company - equality is vital. From freshly recruited to a well-stablished rank, all employees are treated with confidence and respect to allow them to grow to their full potential.

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